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IBM Watson

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Stroustrup highlights next C++ goals: Parallelism, concurrency

Language founder Bjarne Stroustrup gives early indicators of what to expect in C++17

Andy Rubin and CEO execs

The Google shakeup continues: Android creator Andy Rubin is out

After driving Android to great popularity, Rubin last year took over Google’s robotics efforts

Microsoft endorses workaround for botched Windows patch KB 3000061

Two weeks after users offered a fix for the MS 14-058/KB 3000061 kernel mode driver installation problem, Microsoft confirms it works

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Microsoft adds IoT, big data orchestration services to Azure

Microsoft is looking to expand on the big data capabilities of its Azure cloud platform with three new services

FCC's Wheeler said to mull hybrid approach to Net neutrality

FCC appears set to reclassify broadband so that it comes under the agency's authority, but without prohibiting special access deals

Android creator Andy Rubin leaving Google

Currently in charge of Google's robotics efforts, Rubin is leaving to lead an incubator for hardware startups

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PHP 7 moves full speed ahead

Next major version of server-side Web development language planned for release in the next year


Red Hat brings Docker deployment to Software Collections

Red Hat will distribute apps via Docker to aid containerized development and plot possible future path for software updates


Unlikely hero emerges amid dark times for privacy, security

In a world awash with cyber crime and corporate doublespeak, recent FCC actions are a small cause to celebrate

IBM drills into the energy industry for cognitive computing advances

A new partnership with Spanish energy company Repsol offers a chance to test new kinds of decision-making applications

Vulnerabilities found in more command-line tools, wget and tnftp get patches

Flaws identified in wget and tnftp allow malicious servers to execute rogue commands on users' systems

Security alert for incoming threats.

Drupal sites, assume you've been hacked

SQL injection bug threatens the websites of enterprises, governments, and many other institutions using the open source Drupal CMS

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Advisory says to assume all Drupal 7 websites are compromised

Drupal urged users to apply an update on Oct. 13, but only those who patched within seven hours may be in the clear

Google AI project apes memory, programs (sort of) like a human

DeepMind researchers' Neural Turing Machines attempt to emulate the brain's short-term memory

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Microsoft enters smartwatch market with $200 Microsoft Band

Band isn't Microsoft exclusive: apps will allow it to work with Apple iPhones, Android, and Windows Phones

Facebook gives away homebrewed OS monitoring tool

Osquery watches for operating system state changes that might indicate a security issue

Microsoft does a third round of layoffs as part of its plan to cut 18,000 jobs

The series of job eliminations is the company's largest layoff sweep in its history

Movie industry yells 'Cut!' on wearables in theaters

Two U.S. movie industry groups, citing piracy concerns, have adopted a zero-tolerance policy on wearables with cameras

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