oracle headquarters

Sources: Oracle releases Java evangelists

Unconfirmed reports across the Internet say Oracle has let go of its Java evangelists, but the company has not officially commented

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For discerning hackers, malware is so last year

Fraudsters rely on legitimate administrator tools instead of malware to successfully breach systems and steal data

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Jenkins-Docker pairing gathers momentum

Jenkins and Docker together could be a force in continuous delivery

Don’t check that box! Windows 7 patch KB 3083324 sneaks in

If you woke up this morning to a barely described Windows 7 patch, you aren’t alone


DJI drone upgrade helps avoid crashes

A firmware update for DJI Phantom drones will help pilots with drone orientation.


Yamaha's latest digital sound projector delivers Dolby Atmos surround sound from a single cabinet

Movie soundtracks encoded with Dolby Atmos trick your brain into hearing sound from all directions, not just front and rear.


What we expect from Apple's Sept 9 event

It's that time again! Apple is gearing up to announce its next iPhone, Apple TV...and maybe more.

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Why your big data strategy is a bust

Even when you get big data technology right and your reports deliver actionable insight, the executives may not recognize the value


3D printing in cookie dough tastes better than plastic

A food printer that can print cookies and pizzas will go on sale next year for $1,800.


High tech fridge magnet makes phone calls

Triby will go on sale in October for $199 and can make phone calls and play music from the refrigerator.

Microsoft's internal hackathon tool

Hackathons for all: Microsoft tool simplies setup, admin duties

Microsoft is planning to bring its internal tool for running hackathons to the public next year, starting by allowing a few select colleges to test drive it at their own events.

Google Compute Engine adds bigger VMs, autoscaling

Google Compute Engine continues to grow, but it still lags behind Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in the market

Big Data (3)

Intel promises $50M for quantum computing research

Intel is funding quantum computing research in the Netherlands, hoping to make fully functional quantum computers a reality in a dozen years or so


Samsung Sleep Sense wants to hop into bed

The small plastic pad goes under your mattress and is designed to measure your vital signs and report on your sleeping habits.

victor bahl

Microsoft researcher: Why Micro Datacenters really matter to mobile's future

And why Distinguished Scientist Victor Bahl says enterprise IT pros should be getting ready for 'cloudlets'


What's the deal with the Apple-Cisco deal?

Apple's newly announced partnership with Cisco to sell more iPads and iPhones to businesses was short on detail

NSA headquarters

ACLU urges court to block NSA's continued phone records collection

The intelligence agency continues to collect phone records under a 180-day transition period, which the ACLU is contesting

Generic snap for court issues

Google, Apple $415M deal with tech workers gets final approval

Court approves a settlement with tech companies accused of conspiring to prevent the poaching of each other's employees

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