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President Barack Obama (4)

Obama orders review of election hacks as Trump doubts Russia's role

The review is scheduled to be completed before Obama leaves office

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Ransomware attacks against businesses increased threefold in 2016

Kaspersky Lab recorded one ransomware attack every 40 seconds against companies in September

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Attackers use hacked home routers to hit Russia's 5 largest banks

The routers were likely hacked through a recent vulnerability in the TR-069 management protocol

Burmese python head

How Mypy could simplify compiling Python

The Mypy static type-checking project for Python is exploring ways it could aid with effortlessly compiling Python into C or machine language

iot security

BlackBerry integrates its enterprise IoT and mobile security portfolio

Tools from BlackBerry, Good, WatchDox, AtHoc, and Encription will finally share the same back and front ends

workforce management and hiring trends 2017

7 hiring trends for 2017

Tech hiring is stable, but wages are becoming stagnant

cortana android quick actions

Cortana for iOS, Android now features quick access to common actions

Microsoft's virtual assistant is getting a facelift and launching in the UK on non-Windows platforms


Microsoft brings F# to Jupyter Notebooks on Azure

The free service for document-sharing with live code can be used for building machine learning models

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How to ensure you're running a stable Windows 10 version

If you don’t want to be one of Microsoft's unpaid beta testers, it's easy to wait until new versions are ready for prime time

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IEEE-USA wants Trump to end H-1B lottery

H-1B visas should go to firms that offer the highest wages, group says

Digital Key security

OpenVPN will be audited for security flaws

Cryptographer Matthew Green will analyze the popular software for flaws

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Microsoft wants to enable cellular PCs, but will carriers bite?

The company wants to offer cell plans for sale through the Windows Store, but that might not fly given carriers' resistance to a similar Apple offering

TSMC's Fab 12 in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Moore's Law lives on with speedy 7nm mobile chips coming in 2018

ARM is equipping TSMC to manufacture faster and more power-efficient chips

qualcomm snapdragon tablet

Windows RT done right? Regular Windows apps will run on new ARM-based PCs

Microsoft-Qualcomm deal puts Windows 10 and Win32 apps on ARM-based PCs, using several techniques

job perks

Now that's a perk: Seattle tech startup offers new parents the miracle of sleep

Parental perks are aimed at attracting more diverse workforce

samsung note7 warning

Samsung still struggling with recovery of Note 7 phones from users

Note7 phone users in Canada will be cut off from the mobile network starting Dec. 15

Qualcomm Centriq 2400

Qualcomm's new chip may be too late as ARM server market fades

After more than half a decade in the making, ARM server chips should have struck gold by now—but they haven't

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TypeScript 2.1 ups ease of use, adds expressive code

The latest version of Microsoft's typed JavaScript superset picks up down-level async functions and mapped types

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