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container stack

Docker Enterprise now runs Windows and Linux in one cluster

The new version of Docker's professional version lets applications across multiple platforms -- Windows, Linux, and IBM System Z -- run side by side in the same cluster

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Google’s Deeplearn.js brings machine learning to the browser

The open source GPU-accelerated library supports TypeScript and JavaScript, allowing you to train neural networks or run pre-trained models

Cloud Security

AWS unveils AI monitoring for Amazon S3

Amazon Macie discovers and classifies sensitive data in S3 and automatically alerts to unusual activity and exposures

microsoft cloud open source

Microsoft unveils simpler .Net Core, standard .Net APIs

Microsoft promises greater ease of use in .Net Core 2.0 and more interoperable APIs in .Net Standard 2.0 spec

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What’s new in Java EE 8

The upgrade retools enterprise Java for cloud and microservices environments

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GitHub’s Atom editor gets a speed boost

Architectural updates and a full rewrite of the rendering layer improve responsiveness, with better Git and PHP support coming soon

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Amazon joins Kubernetes-focused CNCF industry group

Amazon has joined the consortium that supports Kubernetes and the world of containers in the cloud, though its Kubernetes intentions are unclear

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Google releases TensorFlow Serving library

The open source library can work with both Google’s own TensorFlow machine learning models and third-party models

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How Google’s Go language could be improved

Go contributors find common ground on improvements in language server, crypto code, compilation, and garbage collection

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IBM speeds deep learning by using multiple servers

IBM's Distributed Deep Learning spreads model training across any number of hardware nodes—as long as they’re IBM nodes

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JetBrains ships alternative to Microsoft’s Visual Studio

Rider can be used on Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems

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Java and C hit all-time lows in Tiobe language popularity index

Java and C take a sharp tumble, while Ruby-like variant Crystal sees a sharp rise

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What’s new in Angular 5: easier progressive web apps

The popular JavaScript framework for desktop and mobile apps also produces better code and better supports Google's Material Design

React - an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces

React 'Fiber' core rewrite progresses to beta

Facebook has released the first beta of React 16, though asynchronous rendering is not yet enabled

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New Node.js API will shield modules from JavaScript engine changes

N-API should break the dependency on Google’s V8 engine and help developers avoid recompilation for new versions and engines

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New project taps Node.js for microservices API gateway

LunchBadger's Express Gateway is an 'out of the box' API gateway for microservices built on the Express framework for Node.js

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Microsoft explores 'safe' manual memory management in .Net

Microsoft Research's Project Snowflake integrates manual memory management and garbage collection to offer developers the 'best of both worlds'

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Petition asks Adobe to open-source Flash

Petition on GitHub appears in the wake of Adobe announcing its end-of-life schedule for the Flash Player

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