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Dart's not dead! Google retools JavaScript challenger

The Dart project may not be displacing JavaScript entirely, but Google's still spiffing it up and promoting it to web developers

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Oracle takes Java copyright dispute with Google to appeals court

A jury in California had decided that the use of Java APIs in Android was fair use

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Samsung's smartphone share hit by Note 7 debacle, stiff competition

The smartphone market grew by 6 percent in the third quarter, said Strategy Analytics

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AI and robots aren't gunning for your job, White House economist says

AI will create new jobs and new consumer demand, he predicts

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Cython speedups borrow from Python playbook

The newest edition of the powerful Python-to-C compilation framework adds speedups harvested from the next version of Python

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Big data grab: Now they want your car's telemetry

Long before self-driving cars triumph, new and enticing auto-related products will lure you into sharing real-time data on where you go and how you get there

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Rust language puts ease ahead of features for 2017

For next year, the language will focus on easier use, better tooling, and improved integration with other languages

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Microsoft's new Surface Studio and Win10 updates target creative users

The Surface Book also gets a major performance and battery boost

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Forrester: OpenStack, AWS are today's cloud 'safe bets'

If you're looking for a de facto standard for clouds, quit holding your breath: OpenStack and AWS are it. But the buck won't stop there forever

iot attack

Rise of the IoT machines

How can enterprises protect themselves from DDoS attacks by IoT devices?

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Google Fiber puts expansion plans on hold to review strategy

The Alphabet unit is trimming staff in some locations as it considers using mainly wireless to provide high-speed Internet service

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Apple sales, profits fall again but a brighter outlook ahead

The company saw lower revenue for the third consecutive quarter, and net income was down 19 percent, but predicts strong year-end sales

Andy Jassy AWS Reinvent

AWS quietly launches tool for migrating on-premises apps to the cloud

Server Migration Service automatically handles the replication of VMs into AWS

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PurpleJS unites Java, JavaScript development

The framework lets developers write apps in JavaScript that run on the JVM using Java as the runtime

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Microsoft's embrace of server bundles may rankle IT

Taking a page from its push for hybrid Azure clouds, Microsoft suggests cloud-enhanced versions of SQL Server may call for certified hardware

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ARM builds up security in the tiniest IoT chips

On Tuesday, ARM will introduce processors that are just a fraction of a millimeter across and incorporate the company’s TrustZone technology.

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Financial experts forecast more bad news for Apple

Gaze into crystal balls, see another contraction in iPhone sales

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IBM to fold SoftLayer into Bluemix cloud development platform

IBM will rebrand SoftLayer's datacenters as extensions of its Bluemix PaaS to help it better compete with Amazon, Google, and IBM

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