Android character at MWC 2014 Barcelona

windows frustration

More forced advertising creeps into Windows 10 Pro

Starting Aug. 2, admins will not be able to keep Microsoft from pushing the likes of Candy Crush Soda Saga onto Win10 Pro PCs on their networks because certain Group Policies will be deactivated

Net Neutrality

ISP groups appeal net neutrality court defeat

Broadband providers want a court of appeals to rehear their challenge to net neutrality after a three-judge panel upheld the rules in June

black hat conference 2015

Black Hat: 9 free security tools for defense and attacking

Some of the researchers who will be at Black Hat will show how they hack and release the tools they used to do it

nup 171016 0051

FBI said to investigate possible hack of another Democratic Party organization

The intrusion is likely to raise fresh concerns about Russia trying to meddle in the U.S. elections

microsoft campus building

Microsoft will cut 2,850 more jobs by the end of the year

Cuts are aimed primarily at the company's ailing phone hardware business

20151027 oracle cloud on building

Oracle to buy cloud software provider NetSuite for $9.3 billion

The deal will allow Oracle to expand to more industries and more countries


The future of Node.js: Stable, secure, everywhere

Node's developers look to tighten security, better accommodate ECMAScript, and move to HTTP/2

hillary clinton

Clinton tech agenda takes the Silicon Valley line

The Democratic nominee’s tech policy vision is exhaustive and detailed, aimed at spurring innovation

V-8 engine

Microsoft wants to open up Node.js to other JavaScript engines

The company also has its ChakraCore engine working on Linux and MacOS

patches man laptop computer headache frustration

Open source Flynn takes the headaches out of app deployment

Now in its 1.0 release, the Flynn open source PaaS includes many of the pieces needed to get apps deployed and running, but doesn't leverage recent tech like Kubernetes

upgrade underway

Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99 percent? Here are your options

Now that we're down to the wire, many upgraders report that the installer hangs. If this happens to you, take one of these paths of action

internet gavel keyboard 100354014 orig

The Get Windows 10 campaign will see its day in court

Lawsuits filed in Florida and Israel against Microsoft seek class-action status

data center.low res

Microsoft’s Iowa data center cluster to reach 3.2M square feet

Software giant has targeted West Des Moines for a major data center buildout in three separate locations, with a combined investment of about $3.5 billion

adminx team folders

Dropbox levels up its features for administrators

The updates include new sharing controls, admin panels, and more

shrugging man woman argument decision problem issue disagree fight

Java EE advocates to Oracle: Give us details, not promises

Oracle says Java EE 8 will be equipped for cloud deployments, microservices, containers, and multitenancy, but Java advocates want to see the fine print

apple logo businessman

What if there's no 'next big thing' for Apple?

Spoiler alert: There probably isn't. But that shouldn't cause anyone to panic (aside from Wall Street lemmings)


Flaw with password manager LastPass could hand over control to hackers

Password manager LastPass can even be fooled. A Google security researcher has found a way to remotely hijack the software.

big data enter key 000034547914 medium

Spark 2.0 takes an all-in-one approach to big data

With a new streaming system, performance enhancements, and API refinements, Apache Spark 2.0 offers a big umbrella to data users

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