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Fake LinkedIn profiles lure unsuspecting users

Hackers create fictional people on LinkedIn to engage in industrial espionage and social engineering attacks

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Box's future lies in developer tools

Developer platform will 'eventually' generate more revenue than storage

Michael Dell

Dell agrees to acquire EMC for $67 billion

The price tag includes shares in a VMware tracking stock

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How AWS, Azure, and Google import data in bulk

Curious how the major cloud providers migrate data en masse to the cloud? Here's what Amazon, Microsoft, and Google offer


Hands on with Asus' water-cooled GX700 gaming laptop

Want your gaming laptop to be cooler than your friend's? How about being water cooler?

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Dismal PC business contraction continues; no bounce yet from Windows 10

Mac sales may also have shrunk, says IDC, though Gartner disagrees; either way, Mac sales grew as a percentage of the marked

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Microsoft recalls bad Surface Pro 3 firmware update

There's no official acknowledgment yet, but the bad firmware update from Sept. 29 is gone from Windows Update and Microsoft download sites

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LogMeIn acquires LastPass to beef up identity portfolio

LogMeIn's $125 million buy of LastPass solidifies its position in an increasingly crowded identity and access management market


Amazon upgrades container services to keep up with Google, Docker

A distributed registry, a CLI, and slicker scheduling have landed in Amazon's container system to help it keep up with the competition


BlackBerry CEO may kill off BlackBerry phones

If they don't make money next year, BlackBerry's CEO said he’d think about giving up on handsets


Challenges of developing with the cloud

Donnie Berkholz, research director at 451 Research, chats with Computerworld at the Amazon Re:Invent show about how developers are interacting with cloud services.


Amazon targets developers with new IOT and mobile features

At the Amazon Web Services' Re:Invent show in Las Vegas, the company announced new services aimed at making it easier for developers to build apps for the cloud.

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US will not seek legislation against encryption

The tech industry had asked President Barack Obama to take a stand against any dilution of encryption

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Alibaba sets up second data center in the US in $1B cloud expansion

Launch of a second data center in Silicon Valley enables Internet companies in China to expand their businesses in North America, Alibaba says

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7 warnings to heed before a cloud migration

Veterans of cloud deployments offer tips about hardware, legacy systems, and staff

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HP, SanDisk partner to bring storage-class memory to cloud

The non-volatile memory technology is expected to be up to 1,000 times faster and offer 1,000 times more endurance than flash storage

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The honeymoon might be over for the gig economy

Services like Uber are cheap and convenient, but debate is heating up whether they are fair to workers and need to be regulated

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Facebook splits React library across Web and mobile

With React .014 upgrade, developers can share components that behave the same across platforms

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