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Internet Explorer logo

Nearly 370 million IE users have just 6 weeks to upgrade

The January 12 deadline to upgrade to IE11 -- or face patch shutoff -- looms

photoshop update hero photoshop cc

Adobe releases huge update to Photoshop and new 3D modeling app, Fuse

Interface tweaks and new features come to Photoshop, along with a new integrated app for creating 3D models to pose or animate

windows 10 desktop

U.S. proves to be a stronghold for Windows 10

Windows 10 usage in the U.S. is about 24 percent higher than worldwide, U.S. government statistics show

A collection of wood office accessories sold at the Evernote Market

Is Evernote getting out of the retail business?

Flash sales and app changes point to an end to the Evernote Market

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cortana

Microsoft's brand-new CRM boss takes the wraps off Dynamics CRM 2016

The new software puts machine learning to work for customer service

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Microsoft flips, then flops, on Windows 10 Fall Update

Microsoft has been pulling strange Windows 10 patching shenanigans over the past week. What's really going on at Redmond?

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Global location wars: Amazon vs. Microsoft vs. Google

The leading public cloud providers are furiously standing up data centers around the world to grab market share country by country


Amazon Prime Air gets a new drone

Amazon's new drone could bring the company one step closer 30-minute delivery, but the U.S. government is still standing in the way.

Imagination Technologies Creator Ci40

Imagination hopes Creator board will woo IoT developers to its MIPS platform

Chip maker Imagination Technologies is readying a new development board to help hardware designers connect smart devices to the Internet.

mobile apps and touch screen

Microsoft PowerApps helps non-developers build mobile apps

The new tool allows nonprogrammers to create mobile business apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone with little to no coding

powerapps on any device

Microsoft's new service makes app developers out of everyday employees

PowerApps lets anyone build a cross-platform mobile application -- no software development experience required

skype for business desktop sharing

Microsoft's new premium Office 365 subscription for businesses is here

Office 365 E5 offers new features including organizational analytics and Skype for Business Cloud PBX

IPv4 address exhaustion

Running out of Internet addresses: What IPv4 exhaustion means for you

ARIN's announcement that it has run out of IPv4 addresses has hastened the long-awaited move to IPv6. Here's what you need to know about the changeover

windows 10 new start menu

Windows 10's usage share lead over Windows 7 evaporates

Even a free upgrade offer can't sustain Windows 10's early head start over Windows 7 in each operating system's first 123 days

microsoft headquarters

Microsoft enables potential unwanted software detection for enterprise customers

Sysadmins can now turn on the feature in System Center Endpoint Protection and Forefront Endpoint Protection

generic image of a wi-fi router

Millions of embedded devices use the same hard-coded SSH and TLS private keys

Keys hard-coded in thousands of routers, modems, IP cameras, VoIP phones and other devices can be used to launch man-in-the-middle attacks

library shelves

6 Python libraries every programmer will love

Fast, safe database access; quick, clean Web frameworks, no-fuss cross-platform GUIs -- these libraries solve problems over the short term and the long haul

mobile payment wallet money smartphone

Mobile payment apps no safer than other mobile apps

A study of 10 popular mobile payment apps found they lack even the most basic security controls

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