About the Networking Boot Camp

This 10-day email boot camp provides the following how-tos for subscribers:

  • Core considerations for building a network
  • Securing your network
  • Managing costs
  • Avoiding common networking mistakes


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InfoWorld's experts provide quick, informative how-tos on building the best -- and most cost-effective -- network for your organization.

It only takes 10 self-contained emails to learn what our networking experts think are the most important skills in keeping a network running. Here's how it works:

1. You sign up by April 11, 2010.

2. Starting on Monday, April 12, you'll get one email per day with a networking how-to. These emails will be short and to-the-point, and they'll include the instructions and product recommendations you need to complete each skill.

3. The Network Boot Camp lasts Monday through Friday for two weeks. The last day will be Friday, April 24, 2010.


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