Linux by the numbers: Contributions, jobs, adoption

The Linux kernel's pace of development is hastening, as demand for Linux pros keeps growing

By Jason Snyder, InfoWorld

Recent surveys conducted by the Linux Foundation reveal vibrant development and a healthy job economy for Linux skills. For in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities for Linux going forward, see Serdar Yegalulp's "The future of Linux: Evolving everywhere."

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Since Linux kernel 2.6.36, a shift has been under way in terms of sponsor activity, according to data from the Linux Foundation. The below graph shows the effective increase or decrease in activity by top 20 contributors to the Linux kernel since version 2.6.36. Samsung and Texas Instruments, for example, have increased their percentage of sponsored commits by 1.83 and 1.73 times, respectively. These and other sponsors that have increased activity since 2.6.36 highlight the increasing prominence of Linux for mobile and embedded companies. According to the Linux Foundation, these companies are not only adding hardware support to the kernel, they are also advancing core kernel areas, such as the scheduler and memory management.

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