Windows 7 Deep Dive

This 21-page PDF report provides the following benefits:

Comprehensive InfoWorld Test Center reviews of the new Windows 7 OS and its multicore capabilities.

Critical deployment issues explained, including how to improve Windows 7 security, integrate with Windows Server 2008 R2, and migrate from Windows XP.

Interactive tours of Windows 7, including its best new features and its new user interface.

Windows Sentinel

InfoWorld no longer offers the Windows Sentinel service or its companion OfficeBench utility.

If you have installed the tracking software used to display your performance information, we suggest you uninstall it using the standard Windows uninstall process (in the Add or Remove Software control panel). This will stop your PC from sending more performance data to Devil Mountain Software, which provided the Windows Sentinel service. (If you do not uninstall the Windows Sentinel and OfficeBench software, your PC will continue to send performance information to DMS.)

When uninstalling, note there may as many as three applications to remove -- DMS Clarity - Metrics Tracker, DMS Clarity - Tracker Upload, and DMS Clarity Framework - OfficeBench -- depending on when you installed the agent software. You may also want to uninstall the optional Adobe AIR-based desktop dashboard applications (AlertSentinel, NetworkSentinel, ProcessSentinel, and SystemSentinel) we provided that let you view your PC's performance data without having to open a Web browser. Finally, if you bookmarked the mobile version of Windows Sentinel on your iPhone or other mobile device, you may want to remove that bookmark, as the Web page it references no longer displays your PC's performance data.

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