InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards FAQ

All you need to know about the most prestigious IT projects award in the industry. See if your question is answered below:

What are the InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards for?

The InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards recognizes companies whose practice of enterprise architecture has delivered substantial business benefit to their organization. It is not an award for IT products. Vendors may win the InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards award, but only for their practice of EA, not for product or service development.

Is there a fee to enter?


Can I get an extension of the submission deadline?

Don't count on it. We'll look at the entries that came in on or before the deadline, and only if we believe we need to consider more candidates will we look at the laggards.

To enter, do I need to do anything besides fill out and submit the online nomination form?

No. However, Forrester and InfoWorld may decide to follow-up on specific submissions with requests for additional information. This would most likely occur during the July-August period.

How are winners selected?

Winners will be selected by a jury of practicing EA leaders, including previous years' award winners.

May I nominate more than one enterprise architecture initiative for an award?

Yes. Please be aware, however, that our nomination form allows for only one entry per person.

May vendors nominate customers?

Yes. However, those who fill out the nomination form should have in-depth knowledge of the customer’s architectural initiative, goals, and surrounding issues. Block copies of vendor case studies or poorly written entries lacking in detail reduce the customer’s chances of winning.

Are professional service providers eligible to win for client architectural initiatives?

Yes, provided the initiative was completely outsourced to the provider. The client must explicitly agree that such was the case.

Are non-U.S.-based companies eligible to win an award?


If the architectural lead from a nominated company is interviewed by an InfoWorld reporter, does that mean the nominated company has won?

No. Numerous finalists are interviewed before the final decision is made. Nothing is official until the announcement date.

How do I know my submission was successful?

You will receive an email confirmation of your awards submission. If you experience technical difficulty, please contact InfoWorld Awards Support.

Are the winners published in hierarchical order?

No. All winners are of equal status and are listed alphabetically. However, InfoWorld may select certain winners to write brief case studies about, in order to highlight outstanding projects we believe will be of greatest interest to our readers.

Will there be any follow-on articles on a winning submission?

As part of announcing the winners, InfoWorld will publish a summary of their submission with commentary on why they were chosen. Forrester Research and the Penn State University Center for Enterprise Architecture may wish to separately publish more in-depth case studies, and will contact the submitters directly.

Can a nominated company win an InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Award two years in a row?


Is there a physical award?

Yes, winners will be sent a physical award.

Is there an award ceremony?

Forrester Research will be recognizing the 2013 winners during the Forrester Application Architecture and Development Forum 2013. However, there will not be a formal awards ceremony.

Will I be notified if our company’s project doesn’t win?


How can I use the award, InfoWorld logo, and/or profile writeup in press releases, on Web pages, etc.?

Once the winners have been announced, click here for all InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards marketing resources.

How do I find out why our company didn’t win?

InfoWorld awards programs are extremely competitive and we cannot provide individual explanations of why nominees did not receive an award. We hope this FAQ provides you with an understanding of the types of projects our judges favor.

Still have questions?

For other questions pertaining to the InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards, please contact Editor in Chief Eric Knorr.

Confirmation that your entry has been received is not necessary if you have used the online nomination form without difficulty and clicked the Submit button without receiving an error message. If you experience technical difficulty, please contact InfoWorld Support.

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