The rise and fall of Heartbleed hysteria

The rise and fall of Heartbleed hysteria

The OpenSSL flaw is serious, but the four horsemen of the apocalypse aren't coming for the Internet -- or your smartphone

Google's DIY Project Ara won't fly in the real world

Maker types will love the idea of a smartphone with replaceable Lego-like pieces. Everyone else will buy a real smartphone...  more

Red-hot IT jobs: Who's getting hired in 2014 released its Tech Trends Q1 report for 2014 and while the numbers are excellent across IT as a whole, they’re especially lucrative for tech consultants... more

Citizen developers are no threat to professional coders -- yet

Independent noncoders won't displace established developers, but they can help clear up a business's IT backlog... more

Ubuntu 'Trusty Tahr' is a solid step forward, not a leap

Latest version of Canonical's desktop Linux addresses a major UI gripe and builds the base for overdue tablet edition of Ubuntu... more

How to avoid a fiasco in your cloud

The key flaw in the botched rollout was a sound enterprise architecture approach... more

The best laptops, convertibles, and Ultrabooks for Windows 8

From classic clamshell notebooks to next-gen touch hybrids, see how HP, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, and Acer stack up in InfoWorld's reviews... more

OpenStack's latest release keeps the DIY private cloud features coming

'Icehouse,' the newest edition of the open source IaaS, adds more features, but uptake with enterprises and competition with public cloud vendors remain thorny... more

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How Cloudera plans to stand out from the Hadoop herd

With so many folks expressing an interest in... more

Tech's Bottom Line by Bill Snyder

Intuit's secret campaign to block free tax filing

Intuit has launched a fake grassroots campaign to beat a proposal that would allow some taxpayers to... more

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R u mdrn? How to lure hipster hackers

Do u hv ths stf? Here's what you should -- and shouldn't -- keep in your stack to attract today's... more

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Picking Office 365 is the easy part -- now comes migration

Getting your email data into Office 365 can cause... more

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How to build a big data supply chain

To get the most from big data, you must marshal new infrastructure and develop new collaborative... more

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