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Download the Private Cloud Deep Dive

Both business and IT need the agility enabled by the private cloud. Now you can apply technologies and processes pioneered by public cloud services to your own data center.

Download the Whitelisting Deep Dive

When handled intelligently, whitelisting is a tremendous asset to any business looking for a cost-effective means of bolstering its security. Here are the features you need to look for in whitelisting software and the steps you must take for successful deployment.

Watch the Shop Talk Video: Virtualization Networking

Server virtualization vastly increases efficiency - but deployed improperly, it also magnifies the effects of equipment or configuration failure. InfoWorld contributors Paul Venezia and Matt Prigge explain how to lay a rock-solid networking foundation for server virtualization, drawing on their joint experience deploying virtualization infrastructure across hundreds of sites.

Download the Data Loss Prevention Deep Dive

In the world of computer security, the ultimate goal is to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Everything else is secondary. InfoWorld contributing editor and recognized security expert Roger Grimes explains the challanges and solutions related to data loss.

Download the Backup Deep Dive

Does your backup system feel about as modern as the 8-track stereo sitting in your garage? Is it just as reliable? Maybe it’s time to bring your backup and recovery system into the 21st century.

Download the Operational BI Deep Dive Report

Operational BI provides a new weapon for line-of-business managers, serving up fresh, accurate data to optimize business processes from the supply chain to customer service. InfoWorld Contributing Editor David Linthicum, an experienced business intelligence consultant, outlines the benefits, offers planning tips, and explains how to avoid common problems.

Watch the Shop Talk Video: Fighting Today's Malware

How bad is it? Worse than you think. Security expert and InfoWorld contributing editor Roger Grimes offers a guided tour of the latest threats and explains what you can do to stop them.

Download the Data Deduplication Deep Dive Report

The data explosion threatens to overwhelm storage systems, particularly the backup tier. Here's how data deduplication can help

Download the HTML5 Strategy Deep Dive

Preparing your website and Web apps for HTML5? Here's what you need to know

Download the Authentication and Authorization Deep Dive

The security mechanisms of authentication, authorization, and accounting keep modern Internet-connected computing humming. In this 11-page PDF, InfoWorld contributing editor and security expert Roger Grimes offers a short course on the topic, including clear explanations of identity, access control, and the forensics of user activity -- with a special section on the latest developments.

Download the Encryption Deep Dive Report

Cryptography means more than just data encryption, but harnessing its full potential requires careful planning. Here's how to build and deploy an effective enterprise encryption strategy.

Download the Web Browser Security Deep Dive Report

InfoWorld’s Roger Grimes, a leading authority on endpoint security, digs deep into the security features of Web browsers and tests their resistance to exploits

Download the Cloud Security Deep Dive

The scalability of cloud computing depends on sharing resources that were never shared before, creating a new set of risks -- and demanding a new set of security best practices

Download the Virtualization Networking Deep Dive Report

Server virtualization demands a new set of requirements for core networks and the hosts connected to them. Here’s how to prepare your infrastructure for the virtual world.

Download the Email Archiving Deep Dive

Mail servers continue to deal with ballooning message volumes and management challenges. Email archiving software provides a viable solution, particularly when granular government regulations apply.

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