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Download the Enterprise Data Explosion Digital Spotlight

Don't let surging data stores kill your data center performance -- manage them effectively with this guide.

Consumerization of IT: How IT should manage personal technology at work

The sheer ubiquity of consumer tech as a workplace staple means it’s better to embrace it now instead of be pushed aside later.

Download the Cloud Monitoring Deep Dive Report

A new generation of monitoring systems addresses the challenges of large-scale applications and more dynamic infrastructures

Download the Disaster Recovery Deep Dive report

Disaster recovery is one of IT's most important responsibilities. Our comprehensive guide walks you through every step you'll need to take in anticipating and handling worst-case scenarios.

Consumerization of IT

Gorgeous, user-friendly gadgets like smartphones and tablets have ushered in a trend that IT can't hope to stop. But IT can turn consumerization to its advantage.

Developers Survival Guide

The dramatic shifts in IT -- hello, cloud computing; nice to see you, consumerization -- have expanded the roles and requirements developers handle. Here's how to stay on top of the shifts by working smarter, not harder.

Download the PCI Compliance Deep Dive report

Compared with other regulations, the PCI standard makes specific and productive recommendations – and fines for non-compliance are common. Here's how to make sure you're implementing this security standard properly.

Download the Consumerization Digital Spotlight

IT managers and business execs alike are confronting a sea change in technology usage by employees. Here's how to succeed in this emerging business context

Download the Malware Deep Dive Report

Educate your end-users about today's most common threats and invest in technologies that provide defense and analysis. If you don't, you're putting your data and quite possibly your job at risk

Download the Cloud Computing Deep Dive Report

InfoWorld's experts keep you up to date on the realities of deploying the cloud in the enterprise

Download the Cloud Applications Deep Dive report

The path to launching a cloud service is not so straightforward. Here’s how to find likely services among your existing applications -- and get them ready to roll

Download the Windows Server 8 Deep Dive special report

Microsoft rolls out one of its most significant updates with the next version of Windows Server 8; find out what it means for your company.

Download the Business Mac Deep Dive report

As the Macintosh becomes a common tool in today's enterprise, IT has much to learn about effectively working with the Apple platform

Download the Windows 8 Deep Dive special report

Find out what Microsoft's forthcoming OS means for developers, admins, network security, mobile usage, and more in InfoWorld's comprehensive guide

Download the HTML5 Deep Dive How-to Megaguide Report

In this 20-page PDF, InfoWorld experts explain all key HTML5 specs, from canvas to local storage, plus the latest browser benchmarks and report cards on HTML5 support

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