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Out with the old, in with the 'new normal'

The old standards in IT, marked by costly, inflexible infrastructures, just don’t work in today’s hyper-demanding and dynamic business world. It’s time for a 'new normal' marked by lower costs, user self-service, streamlined processes, better security and increased flexibility. Underlying it all is a fresh approach to virtualization.

Virtualization 2.0: Driving to Higher Ground Beyond the Basics

Read this e-book to learn more about consolidation, discover the latest technologies and find out how to reduce the TCO of virtualization.

Virtualization with the Intel Xeon Processor: A Proof of Concept

Read this whitepaper to learn how to support approximately twice as many virtual machines for the same TCO.

A Smart Path To Virtualization

As server virtualization continues to transform the data center, enterprises have some critical decisions to make. How will they migrate to a fully virtualized environment? How should the IT infrastructure be configured for maximum business benefit? Dell is partnering with other industry leaders to build a flexible, industry-standard approach that helps simplify the transition.

Virtualization: Taking the Fast Track to Business Efficiency

Dell ProConsult Services, Data Center Optimization Services, and Education Services can help streamline the transition to a virtualized infrastructure.

How Desktop Virtualization Changes the Game for IT

Desktop virtualization packs a value wallop including simpler management, vastly improved security, and a snappier user experience. Click here to read what Gordon Payne, SVP at Citrix, has to say.

Virtualization 2.0: The Desktop Revolution

With desktop virtualization, Bechtel delivers a totally consistent user experience to thousands of mobile workers along with vastly better security, management, and agility. This IDG eZine is your field guide to the new world of desktop virtualization.

Counting Up the End User Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

From improved performance and self-service apps to greater mobility, there’s plenty for end users to like about desktop virtualization.  As Gordon Payne, SVP at Citrix, explains here, it all adds up increased user productivity and the “consumerization” of IT.

Supercharge Your End Users with Desktop Virtualization

The Univ. of Texas Medical Branch unearthed a hidden benefit of desktop virtualization, namely a speedy recovery after a calamitous  hurricane strike. This IDG eZine explores this and many other user benefits of desktop virtualization.

Best Practices for Optimizing Performance and Availability in Virtual Infrastructures

Many IT administrators have already learned the hard way that managing the performance and availability of services built on virtualization technologies can be difficult, if not impossible at times. All too often, early adopters of virtualization have struggled with limited technology features and stability constraints, while learning new ways to effectively manage capacity requirements. Fortunately, some platforms now offer clustering solutions that are mature enough to automate the balancing of workloads across physical resources. When combined with disciplined capacity planning and sound deployment configurations, it is possible to achieve fast, scalable, and highly available IT services using virtualization platforms.

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