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Case Study: Murphy USA Gains Application Visibility Without Agents

Murphy USA has more than 700 stores that share a 10Mbps VSAT link. So when something goes wrong with their applications, it's the Network team that responds. Learn how Murphy USA was able to understand what applications were doing over the network.

Why AppSense for VDI

This paper validates, through testing with Microsoft and Citrix, the joint value of AppSense with XenDesktop on Microsoft Hyper-V.

Strategies for Enhancing the Clinician's Workstation Productivity

A Siemens and AppSense whitepaper: learn the strategies and technologies used to support enhanced productivity desktop/workspace environments.

AppSense and DELL Desktop Virtualization Solution

This implementation guide details the requirements for integrating AppSense with the Dell Desktop Virtualization Solution (DVS) architecture.

Optimizing Healthcare IT and Clinical Productivity

This paper describes how user virtualization provides a user experience for clinicians that is seamless, predictable, responsive and secure.

VMware View Optimization Guide for Windows 7

This document provides guidelines for configuring a standard Windows 7 image to be used within a VMware View™ environment, providing administrators with the information necessary to create a standard image of Windows 7 leveraging the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit or by utilizing a script-based approach to optimize a traditionally installed Windows 7 virtual machine.

The Virtualization Imperative for Client Operating Systems Migration

This report presents the findings of a study that Forrester Consulting conducted for VMware in November 2009 to evaluate firms' client operating system migration plans. The report highlights the key considerations associated with simplifying application deployments through application virtualization and automating desktop provisioning and management through desktop virtualization.

Riverbed Services Platform Feature Brief

Consolidation and virtualization are hot trends in IT, helping organizations increase their flexibility in delivering valuable services and reduce costs. The enhanced Riverbed® Services Platform (RSP) provides customers with the capability to run up to five additional services and applications virtually on VMware in a protected partition on the Steelhead® appliance. This revolutionary approach allows customers to deploy local services in all their branch offices without the need to deploy and maintain full-blown servers to run the applications. The business benefits are minimizing the hardware needed at the branch office, enabling companies to consolidate IT operations even further, reducing costs, and simplifying administration, all while still delivering high quality local services. Read this Feature Brief for more information.

Forrester Consulting - A Standard Branch Office IT Platform to Optimize and Consolidate

Want a standard IT platform that delivers network optimization and virtualization to the branch office? This Forrester report discusses why WAN optimization is the best way to gain better performance and cost savings for your business.

Virtualizing Business Critical Applications

Most IT organizations are already using virtualization to consolidate their infrastructure, reduce costs and improve service levels through live migration and automated failover of virtual machines. Many have already extended these benefits to their most demanding applications, including enterprise databases and high-volume business, middleware and productivity applications. Others are interested in virtualizing their business-critical applications but want to be absolutely certain they can deliver the same or better performance, scalability and availability in a virtualized environment. In the vast majority of cases, they can. Learn how VMware vSphere 4 and the latest Intel Xeon process-based servers deliver up to 275 percent better virtualization performance than previous generations, with lower overhead and improved scalability. Most enterprise applications can be supported as well or better in a virtualized environment than on dedicated physical servers, and at much lower cost.

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