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Eight Criteria for Server Load Balancing

Today's load balancing solutions should address application performance and security. Read about the top eight criteria you should consider when choosing a server load balancer and how Citrix NetScaler meets those requirements.

Desktop Virtualization R/x for Medical Center

Oakland's Alameda County Medical Center completely sidestepped buying hundreds of new PCs, opting instead for a thin-client solution delivering consistent high performance to users. This timely case study shows how.

A Clear View Toward Virtualization

Virtualization has busted out of the data center and overspread the desktop and application worlds. Citrix has emerged as a major innovator in virtualization solutions. Read this Executive Viewpoint featuring Citrix CEO Mark Templeton.

A Roadmap to Reducing IT Complexity

A Roadmap to Reducing IT Complexity

Power to the Systems: a Cost-effective Option for Virtualization

Virtualization has moved to the forefront of many organizations’ IT agendas, because it reduces both the number of physical servers required and the associated costs.

Is your data center running out of power or cooling?

Seven ways to extend the value of what you have and optimize the plan for what you need.

What your IT equipment needs from a UPS

What your IT equipment needs from a UPS: The top five requirements that define "quality power" in the eyes of the power supplies in your IT systems.

Increasing Data Center Energy Efficiency with IBM & Intel Servers

Increasing Data Center Energy Efficiency with IBM & Intel Servers

Extend innovation in virtual worlds with IBM Cluster Solutions and Intel

Extending innovation in virtual product development with the IBM Cluster Solution powered by the Intel Xeon 5500 Process

Testing Live Migration with Intel® Virtualization Technology

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