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Improving IT Efficiencies: Four Advantages of Multi-Tenant Data Centers

Increasing demands on IT are forcing organizations to rethink their data center options. For many organizations, that means turning to the flexibility afforded them by outsourced cloud solutions, which can provide exponential cost savings.

Dell PowerEdge C8000 Series

Constantly changing workloads demand the right mix of resources, with the maximum performance per unit of rack space. The Dell PowerEdge C8000 with Intel® Xeon® processors is the first and only 4U shared infrastructure

Datacenter with energy, temperature and density under control

Access this resource to discover a case study of a leading internet content and service provider that was able to optimize their data center by deploying Dell 12G servers with Intel® Xeon® processors to help manage dense server architecture

Are You Ready for a VDI Initiative?

For anyone who has thought about VDI, this might be the perfect time to take it from idea to implementation. Of course to do it well, you'll need to understand the security implications, mobility requirements, and promise of portability.

How to Get Started with Unified Computing

Like many organizations, you may be exploring the complex world of server virtualization, and you need solutions to help avoid VM sprawl, simplify data center infrastructure, and streamline how you manage the whole thing.

Take Another Look at VDI

Cisco's Bob Fosina and PC Connection's Tony D'Ancona discuss the challenges of desktop virtualization and how Cisco and Intel® are integrating technologies to help organizations overcome those challenges.

Leveraging the cloud for backup and disaster recovery

Cloud-based backup and DR solutions have compelling advantages, but also significant limitations. Find out whether the cloud can meet your backup and recovery objectives.

Accellion vs Box: 5 Key Reasons Enterprises Select Accellion

Read this whitepaper to learn how the Accellion private cloud solution answers the need for a mobile, scalable, flexible file sharing solution that extends and reinforces enterprise security policies and controls.

How 10GbE Network is the Backbone of the Virtual Data Center

The shift to a virtual data center has put tremendous strain on legacy networks; driving the need for more speed, lower latency, more efficient management and a new architecture.

Beyond Cost Savings: Justification for Virtualization Expansion

It usually takes a "compelling event" before you consider expanding virtualization within your IT environment. Avoidance of new physical server purchases, an OS migration or a major software license renewal can all be triggers.

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