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Download the Software-Defined Data Center Digital Spotlight

We’re at the start of a new era in which the data center’s physical resources can be abstracted and applied on demand. Here's how this new model affects you

Download the Application Virtualization Deep Dive

With applications virtualization, once you package applications for users, deployment and management become a magnitude easier

Download the Networking Virtualization Deep Dive

As virtualization has matured, the demands on network infrastructure have risen. In this in-depth PDF, InfoWorld explains how to configure your network for ever-increasing server density.

Watch the Shop Talk Video: Virtualization Networking

Server virtualization vastly increases efficiency - but deployed improperly, it also magnifies the effects of equipment or configuration failure. InfoWorld contributors Paul Venezia and Matt Prigge explain how to lay a rock-solid networking foundation for server virtualization, drawing on their joint experience deploying virtualization infrastructure across hundreds of sites.

Download the Virtualization Networking Deep Dive Report

Server virtualization demands a new set of requirements for core networks and the hosts connected to them. Here’s how to prepare your infrastructure for the virtual world.

Download the Storage Virtualization Deep Dive Report

Learn the basic approaches for using SAN and NAS virtualization to manage large pools of storage efficiently

Download the Networking Deep Dive Report

Learn networking basics and benefit from exclusive tips and techniques from a professional with experience in core, storage, and wide-area networking

Download the Thin Client Computing Deep Dive Report

Should you use the conventional Terminal Services approach, or opt for "real" desktop virtualization? Here’s how to make sensible decisions about thin clients.

Download the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Deep Dive

If you have the hardware, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) can deliver a thin client experience similar to that of a desktop PC, but challenges remain.

Download the Server Virtualization Deep Dive Report

Dramatic cost and agility benefits make server virtualization an essential part of any data center. Here's how to plan, deploy, and maintain a sound virtual infrastructure

Download the High-Availability Virtualization Deep Dive Report

Use server virtualization to duplicate resources and create failover capabilities at a cost far below that of conventional solutions -- without compromising reliability

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