VMware's Cloud Foundry looks to disrupt the PaaS market

April 18, 2011
Is VMware building an open source Microsoft Azure killer? What happens to Google App Engine, Heroku, and Force.com?
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What VMware gains with the takeover of Mozy's cloud storage

April 11, 2011
VMware plans to leverage Mozy's data compression, synchronization, client integration, and analytic tools
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Top 5 reasons to consider VDI in 2011

April 06, 2011
Next-generation virtual desktop infrastructure solutions are making the move to VDI an easier pill to swallow
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Tintri attempts to solve storage pains in virtualization

March 30, 2011
Flash memory, low-cost SATA drives, and sophisticated compression algorithms combine to optimize I/O performance and data triage
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Xen community releases Xen 4.1 hypervisor

March 28, 2011
Latest open source Xen virtualization platform is more scalable, has better toolsets, and improves security with APIs for third-party integration
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Facebook gives the nod to Intel micro servers over virtualization

March 21, 2011
Low-powered, dense Intel Xeon and Atom micro servers may win out over virtual machines in Internet company data centers
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Dell's new services ease move to virtual desktop

March 14, 2011
Dell is partnering with Citrix and VMware to offer prepackaged hardware, software, and services solutions that simplify cloud and local desktop virtualization
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The top virtualization certifications for a tight job market

March 08, 2011
Being certified can provide the extra nudge needed for a raise or new job. Here are the latest virtualization certifications from Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware
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VMware has a fling with Microsoft Hyper-V support

February 28, 2011
VMware changes direction and allows its vCenter XVP Manager and Converter plug-in to manage non-vSphere hypervisor platforms
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VMware Lab Manager is dead. Long live vCloud Director

February 22, 2011
Dev/test, QA, and training teams are losing a virtualization management application in favor of a new cloud application
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