When tech innovations bite users in the butt

September 20, 2012
Tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have an obligation to make technical changes tolerable for those who pay the bills
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Apple soars as Intel bores: The post-PC world in stark contrast

September 13, 2012
Nothing illustrates the shift in power from Intel/Microsoft to Apple like the contrast between the iPhone 5 launch and Intel's Developer Forum
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How Apple outflanked Microsoft in both business and education

September 06, 2012
The iPad is challenging Microsoft in its business stronghold and stealing sales of Windows PCs in education, where tomorrow's customers are
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Twitter's fake followers: Influence for sale

August 30, 2012
From Lady Gaga to Obama, paid tweets and inflated followings game online reputations and call the whole system into question
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Report card: Apple a year after Steve Jobs

August 23, 2012
Tim Cook earns a B+ for keeping Apple a light-year ahead of its competition while correcting the errors of his larger-than-life predecessor
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Microsoft Surface fuels fear and loathing in PC land

August 09, 2012
Tough talk about Microsoft's upcoming tablet is the latest sign of a PC industry in panic mode
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Patent wars gone wild: From silly to sleazy

August 02, 2012
While Apple and Samsung fight for future of mobile devices, other copyright trolls wage an X-rated battle on innocent users
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The tech jobs still begging to be filled

July 26, 2012
Java, mobile, and .Net developer jobs lead the pack, but even less sexy positions remain hard to fill
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One question no one is asking about Yahoo's new CEO

July 19, 2012
Marissa Mayer has become an instant icon, but few have focused on her role at Google -- and whether that makes for a good fit at Yahoo
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How Apple could own the 7-inch tablet market, too

July 12, 2012
Apple won't lie down for Android's growth in the tablet market. A smaller $250 iPad would blow the competition away
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