A failure of imagination is killing the PC industry

April 04, 2013
Windows 8 and Ultrabooks show what's wrong with the Wintel approach to making creative computing devices
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No, women are still not equal to men in IT

March 21, 2013
Equal pay for equal work is a reality in IT, but few women rise to the higher positions, and overall inequity is worsening
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We still need Emily Post in the digital age

March 14, 2013
In the age of the tweet, the text, and the wearable camera, there's still reason to take an extra few seconds to be polite
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When is your data not your data? When it's in the cloud

March 07, 2013
With Verizon's aid, police arrest a man for storing illegal porn in the cloud, which raises questions about how much privacy cloud users can expect
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The new bill to boost H-1B visas is based on a lie

February 28, 2013
There's no brain drain, no salary explosion, and no critical shortage of skilled IT workers. A higher cap is not the answer
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Nowhere to hide: Video location tech has arrived

February 21, 2013
New technologies are turning Web videos and photos into tools that will destroy your privacy
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Save Silicon Valley -- abolish patents now

February 14, 2013
Despite attempts at reform, the patent system is such a mess that the only way to save it is to destroy it
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Feds' plans for better Wi-Fi have carriers seeing red

February 07, 2013
Rumors of fast, free, nationwide Wi-Fi have been debunked, but the feds are trying to improve Wi-Fi -- and carriers don't like it
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IT certifications no longer sure path to premium pay

January 31, 2013
Pay hikes from IT certifications hit an all-time low -- you're better off knowing your way around big data and the cloud
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Java scam: How Oracle and Ask profit from sneaky add-ons

January 24, 2013
Every time users update Java, traps in the program try to trick them into installing useless toolbars and add-ons
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