The Surface fiasco fallout: Ballmer, you're fired

August 01, 2013
The thinking behind the Surface is frighteningly similar to that of two iconic business flops: the Newton and the Edsel
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Why Apple has thrived while Dell may die

July 25, 2013
Unlike Dell, Apple combined two seemingly contradictory strategies: top operational efficiency and laser focus on creativity
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What's wrong with smartphones today? They're boring

July 18, 2013
Carriers are hurting, while Apple and Samsung get grief on Wall Street. The root of the problem: Slowing smartphone innovation
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Apple's brains are starting to drain away

July 11, 2013
The iconic tech company has a perception problem that is hurting its reality
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Startup reality check: When the IPO comes, innovation goes

June 27, 2013
Rivers of wealth flowing from tech IPOs don't lead to more innovation but instead slow it
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Apple and Google need to put the brakes on car APIs

June 20, 2013
Along with Ford, the companies need to ease up on push for APIs that integrate consumer electronics into automobiles
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Bigger, better, stronger, faster: How IBM's Watson upends Moore's Law

June 13, 2013
IBM's Watson hits the cloud, kicking aside old baseline theory and closing the distance between memory and processing
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Sex, lies, and Google Glass: Don't believe everything you read

June 06, 2013
Google is aiding and abetting a pornster, and Apple is fixing e-book prices -- but you'll have to dig deeper for the truth
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Silicon Valley: Land of the 21st-century robber barons

May 30, 2013
Apple,, eBay, Facebook, Google, and the other technorati believe someone else should pay taxes, hire Americans, or support the society they sell to
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Debunking the H-1B hogwash: STEM grads are pouring out of U.S. colleges

May 23, 2013
Data giants like Facebook say we need more H-1B visas to fill U.S. STEM grad void -- but the numbers don't lie
IT Jobs, H-1B
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