Security hysteria: Time to cut the hype

June 16, 2011
Hackers are more malicious than ever, but the media- and vendor-fomented hysteria is misplaced. If it doesn't stop soon, expect to see Congress breathing down the neck of IT
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Pity the poor PC: First the iPad, now iCloud

June 09, 2011
Tablet sales are up, PC sales are down, and here comes iCloud. What's poor Michael Dell to do?
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Will the carriers kill the mobile revolution?

June 02, 2011
Mobile usage keeps going up -- and so do data plan charges. This trend can't continue
M&A, Data Plan
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Patent trolls' next target: Independent developers

May 26, 2011
The attack on a group of Apple developers shows how badly our patent system is broken and how vulnerable the mobile ecosystem has become
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IBM's mobile strategy: Anybody but HP or Microsoft

May 19, 2011
Big Blue is pushing hard to put enterprise collaboration software on smartphones and tablets powered by iOS, BlackBerry, and Android
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Microsoft's Skype purchase proves Ballmer ain't dumb

May 12, 2011
The surprise buy puts Windows Phone back in the game, while Google's overdue 'Ice Cream Sandwich' Android OS and its new music service put pressure on Apple
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RIM and Microsoft: Dance of the zombies

May 05, 2011
Their 'partnership' will change nothing in the mobile market, which is following the path of the iPod instead of Windows
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Hiding the truth is the Silicon Valley way

April 28, 2011
Why don't we know why Amazon's cloud crashed? Why did it take Apple so long to explain its use of location data? Because tech vendors know stonewalling has no penalty
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In Oracle's fight with open source, the good guys won -- this time

April 21, 2011
Larry Ellison's greedy attempt to commercialize OpenOffice has failed, but don't expect him to rethink his views on open source
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Microsoft's two-front war for the future

April 14, 2011
From the edge to the core, Microsoft is feeling the heat from Google and Apple -- and the downside of being chained to the desktop
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