Apple's real worth: How many U.S. jobs it creates

August 11, 2011
Apple, Silicon Valley leaders are displacing traditional corporations in net worth, helping to keep good jobs in America
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Mobile developers strike back against patent trolls

August 04, 2011
The mobile revolution is threatened by lawsuits aimed at small developers -- but now they're coming together to take on Lodsys and its ilk
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The apps that ate the mobile Internet will change 3G pricing

July 28, 2011
Streaming video, VoIP, and Twitter are consuming more mobile bandwidth, degrading service, and pushing carriers to raise 3G prices
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Apple and IBM get it, so why can't RIM?

July 21, 2011
IBM and Apple give customers what they want, whether it's a mainframe or a tablet -- but RIM gives customers what they used to want
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Time to put Google under the microscope

July 07, 2011
Google is too important not to investigate -- don't believe the bozos whining about governments picking winners
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Culture war: IT and Mozilla can't hear each other

June 30, 2011
IT freaked out when Mozilla rolled out Firefox 5 months after Firefox 4, and Mozilla dismissed IT's fears. Both sides need to cool it
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The ugly Oracle-HP divorce: Customers could get hurt

June 23, 2011
The two tech giants' 140,000 joint customers are scared, confused, angry -- and powerless
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Security hysteria: Time to cut the hype

June 16, 2011
Hackers are more malicious than ever, but the media- and vendor-fomented hysteria is misplaced. If it doesn't stop soon, expect to see Congress breathing down the neck of IT
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Pity the poor PC: First the iPad, now iCloud

June 09, 2011
Tablet sales are up, PC sales are down, and here comes iCloud. What's poor Michael Dell to do?
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Will the carriers kill the mobile revolution?

June 02, 2011
Mobile usage keeps going up -- and so do data plan charges. This trend can't continue
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