Beware the mobile tech jobs bubble

October 20, 2011
It turns out that Silicon Valley's tech jobs are short-lived, following a boom-and-bust cycle -- and mobile app dev could burst next
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Google to App Engine customers: Don't call us, we'll call you

October 13, 2011
Google charges $500 a month for 'premier' App Engine support, but weekday-only hours stop at 6 p.m. Is that how to treat customers?
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Fired IT workers fight back against H-1B visa abuse

October 06, 2011
Hindi-only meetings and mass firings of experienced U.S. workers for cheaper foreign labor just as tech job demands grow
H-1B, Outsourcing
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Smartphones storm the enterprise -- and no one gets hurt

September 29, 2011
Nike and Cisco have opened the gates to employee-owned smartphones and tablets. Despite IT's fears, the world didn't end
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HP's Meg Whitman: New CEO, same old strategy

September 22, 2011
Léo Apotheker is gone, but his strategy will live on. The new leadership at HP may not have learned its lesson
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The patent reform act didn't go far enough

September 22, 2011
Patent trolls have wasted $500 billion that could have supported innovation and jobs -- real reform is needed
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Google: The big baby that won't grow up

September 15, 2011
Google says it wants business adoption but won't support companies that need help. When will the grownups take over?
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Is Apple preparing a legal assault on Google over Android?

September 09, 2011
Apple says Google's Andy Rubin got the idea for Android while employed by Apple -- surely, another shoe is about to drop
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The sharks are circling HP -- can anyone save it?

August 25, 2011
Hewlett-Packard is running out of options to save its business; if it's to survive, CEO Léo Apotheker and the board must go
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Tech jobs vaporized as patent war goes nuclear

August 18, 2011
Google spent more than $400,000 per patent when it bought Motorola Mobility, wasting money in legal games that could have created jobs and products
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