The IT certs that no longer pay extra -- and the new skills that do

February 02, 2012
Overall employment in tech is improving, but the certs you could once count on for a job or extra pay are losing their special value
IT Jobs
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Scam: SOPA advocates' claims about piracy costs

January 26, 2012
The media and software industry honchos claim that piracy has killed 750,000 American jobs and costs tens of billions of dollars. Don't believe it
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Tim Cook's crazy payday shows what's wrong in business

January 12, 2012
Apple CEO will get $378 million, an obscene figure not even tied to performance goals. But it's the rule for executive pay
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How the war between tablets and PCs will unfold

January 05, 2012
Apple, ARM, Intel, Microsoft, and Qualcomm are jockeying to win in the emerging new world order, but not all will prevail
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The tech industry's biggest bozos of 2011

December 22, 2011
Léo Apotheker, Mark Zuckerberg, Reed Hastings, and the RIM twins are the bozos of the year, along with the iPhone 5 rumormongers
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Young people to IT security: 'What, me worry?'

December 15, 2011
There's a new generation gap: Millennials want to use their own digital tools at work, regardless of corporate guidelines
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No overtime for IT? Occupy the data center!

December 08, 2011
Lawmakers want to take away overtime pay for thousands of IT workers. What's wrong with these people?
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Surprise! Certified IT jobs are paying less

December 01, 2011
Tech employment is on the rise, but the traditional premiums paid to certified techies has reached a 12-year low
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Shocker: AT&T finally improves its 3G network

November 22, 2011
The battle between Verizon and AT&T is bearing fruit in the form of faster cellular download speeds
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Why the big carriers won't build out their networks

November 17, 2011
Congestion on the Web means more profits for providers -- and less bandwidth and higher prices for us
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