Facebook's Instagram buy: The new dot-com bubble

April 12, 2012
Innovation is losing to funny-money acquisitions in Silicon Valley -- and the tech bubble is getting dangerously close to popping
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Motorola Mobility pushes patent absurdity to extremes

April 05, 2012
It's Motorola Mobility versus the world as Google's future business property opens up the patent war on three fronts
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Startup tech jobs go begging -- how to get yours

March 29, 2012
More than 14,000 jobs are waiting to be filled at startups, including thousands for software engineers and developers
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Meg Whitman steers HP straight at the rocks

March 22, 2012
Combining troubled PC and printer businesses will weaken both groups and ensure HP's continued irrelevance
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It's true: iPads are starting to replace business PCs

March 15, 2012
Business interest in the iPad is increasing, as Android slips and Dell, HP, and RIM are irrelevant
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Apple's big lie about job creation, and other bogus claims

March 08, 2012
Suspicious stats are a staple of tech marketing that deserve to be exposed for the flimflammery they are
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IT jobs on the rise -- both offshore and in U.S.

March 01, 2012
Companies are reviving long-postponed IT projects and looking for outsourcing partners -- increasingly in the U.S.
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Boycott Apple until it fixes its China labor problem

February 23, 2012
Does Apple have more blood on its hands than Dell or HP? No, but it has the best chance of changing China's abusive practices
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America's wireless broadband problem just got a lot worse

February 16, 2012
FCC veto of LightSquared's plans for massive wireless network may have also put the brakes on widespread 4G deployment
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Health care IT: Where the jobs are

February 09, 2012
The health care industry will add 5.6 million jobs by 2020, many in IT. Landing one is not as hard as you think
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