Blow it up, Ballmer: Give away the Surface for free

June 28, 2012
With Microsoft slouching toward irrelevance, CEO Steve Ballmer has rightfully become rule-breaker-in-chief to change the game
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Where the money is: VCs pour cash into software startups

June 21, 2012
The bloom seems to be off social tech, and startups focused on apps -- from games to ERP -- are the new darlings for investors
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No-contract iPhone: Spend now, save $1,000 later

June 14, 2012
Virgin Mobile and Cricket offer much cheaper plans if you're willing to pay more for the smartphone and risk their networks
iPhone, Data Plan
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Why the iPad has smoked the Kindle Fire

June 07, 2012
Tablet users expect their mobile device to help them get stuff done -- something's little tablet can't do
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Facebook's mobile desperation will threaten your privacy

May 31, 2012
Facebook's only way to grow is via mobile -- and once the crazy schemes fail, Facebook will resort to its old tricks
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The truth about Google+: The social network without passion

May 24, 2012
While usage is low, it's not quite the ghost town some claim, and there's a deeper story behind the numbers
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Reports of Intel's death are wildly exaggerated

May 17, 2012
The ARM/Apple tsunami is gaining strength, but anyone who thinks it will swamp Wintel anytime soon is badly mistaken
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Beyond 'Jeopardy': How IBM will make billions from Watson

May 10, 2012
At a time when companies spend billions on patent wars and frivolous acquisitions, IBM makes money the old-fashioned way: through R&D
Big Data, IBM
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Connected TVs: A new frontier for developers

May 03, 2012
One in five new TVs can connect to the Internet. For now, almost no one is watching. But that will change
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Oracle's dangerous claim: APIs can be copyrighted

April 26, 2012
If Oracle succeeds in enforcing its hold on Java APIs, the software industry will drown in shameless legal challenges
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