The truth about Google+: The social network without passion

May 24, 2012
While usage is low, it's not quite the ghost town some claim, and there's a deeper story behind the numbers
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Reports of Intel's death are wildly exaggerated

May 17, 2012
The ARM/Apple tsunami is gaining strength, but anyone who thinks it will swamp Wintel anytime soon is badly mistaken
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Beyond 'Jeopardy': How IBM will make billions from Watson

May 10, 2012
At a time when companies spend billions on patent wars and frivolous acquisitions, IBM makes money the old-fashioned way: through R&D
Big Data, IBM
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Connected TVs: A new frontier for developers

May 03, 2012
One in five new TVs can connect to the Internet. For now, almost no one is watching. But that will change
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Oracle's dangerous claim: APIs can be copyrighted

April 26, 2012
If Oracle succeeds in enforcing its hold on Java APIs, the software industry will drown in shameless legal challenges
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Bad stats sink cyber crime costs claims

April 19, 2012
Microsoft researchers find that estimates of damages caused by cyber crime are wildly inflated -- and increase the danger
Cyber Crime
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Facebook's Instagram buy: The new dot-com bubble

April 12, 2012
Innovation is losing to funny-money acquisitions in Silicon Valley -- and the tech bubble is getting dangerously close to popping
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Motorola Mobility pushes patent absurdity to extremes

April 05, 2012
It's Motorola Mobility versus the world as Google's future business property opens up the patent war on three fronts
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Startup tech jobs go begging -- how to get yours

March 29, 2012
More than 14,000 jobs are waiting to be filled at startups, including thousands for software engineers and developers
IT Jobs, Startups
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Meg Whitman steers HP straight at the rocks

March 22, 2012
Combining troubled PC and printer businesses will weaken both groups and ensure HP's continued irrelevance
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