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Alert Logic: Leader in Forrester Wave evaluation of emerging MSSPs

In this paper Forrester shares the results of their 15-criteria evaluation of the top ten emerging players in the MSSP market.

Best practices for facing today's log management challenges

This whitepaper discusses key best practices to consider when evaluating automated log management solutions.

How to Meet Cyber Monday Network Demands

E-Commerce sites are particularly vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Learn how one open-source e-commerce hosting platform, experienced significant downtime on Cyber Monday due to a series of DDoS attacks and how they revamped their network infrastructure

Lessons to Learn from an 802.11n Upgrade

Classified Ventures' E-Commerce platform supports millions of online customers each year including popular sites like Cars.com and Apartments.com. With 1,500 employees, they needed a high-performing wireless infrastructure.

Software Asset Management: Ensuring Today's Assets

Today's trends like BYOD and SaaS are new and exciting in terms of how they will help make our jobs more productive but they also introduce challenges as it relates to software licensing.

Software Lifecycle Management

Applications need lifecycle management too! This guide contains insights about software and managing it - from the latest trends to a strategy for implementing Software Asset Management in a virtualized networking environment. No simple task.

Software Asset Management: Practices for Success

This white paper discusses best practices that can dramatically increase your success rate of a SAM deployment.

Backup Deep Dive Report

Does your backup system feel about as modern as the 8-track stereo sitting in your garage? Is it just as reliable? Maybe it's time to bring your backup and recovery system into the 21st century.

Moving to Hybrid Cloud: Top 5 Considerations

Here are the top five considerations to keep in mind as you begin evaluating hybrid cloud for your workloads.

Pilot House Awards recognizes Google Message Security for excellence

Based on detailed feedback from actual end users, the Nemertes PilotHouse Awards give insight into the quality, effectiveness, customer service, and overall satisfaction of "Security-as-a-Service" vendors. The results are conclusive: Google Postini Services decisively outperforms competing offerings across a range of criteria, delivering the greatest satisfaction and value to the end users. Download this report with the details.

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