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The Need for Two-Factor Authentication at Enterprise Organizations

Two-factor authentication solutions provide an additional layer of protection for an organization's most sensitive data. Organizations are finding that they need to exceed that sophistication with their security measures. Learn more about the results of this InfoWorld survey!

Managing to Secure

Many security professionals responsibilities include managing firewalls, worrying about e-mail security, testing and deploying software patches, securing Web caches and gateways and much more. The last thing network security manager’s need is more devices to manage. Learn about the four key components of IPS manageability to consider for effective network-security management.

The 5 Building Blocks of Attack Coverage

When it comes to intrusion prevention – and to detecting and blocking unwanted or malicious network traffic – the focus should be on quality of a solution’s attack coverage, not quantity. Learn about the five building blocks of attack coverage to help determine why one Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is better than another.

IPS vs IDS: Similar but Polar Opposite Underneath

A common notion is that an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is nothing more than an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) deployed in-line with blocking capabilities. Learn why this IPS notion is incorrect and the many critical differences in the nature and priority of IPS and IDS requirements organizations need to consider before making a commitment.

3 Waves, 1 Defense: How IPS Protects

Dating back to ancient Greece, a common military tactic was to launch a “human-wave” attack. Network security attackers today use a version of this ancient military tactic, but have become increasingly sophisticated. Learn how the security threat landscape has evolved and how to determine the best use of network security solutions to block ongoing and future waves of attacks.

HP EliteBook and Intel® vPro™ Technology: Rx for Healthcare Mobility

With the sudden influx of new, productivity-enhancing applications, even the most tethered of industries are anxious to go mobile or enhance their current mobile technology. HP's EliteBook business notebook portfolio is exactly what the doctor ordered for healthcare and other mobility-seeking environments.

Oracle Data Guard with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 

Read this white paper to learn about a unique data protection and recovery solution that provides the management, monitoring, and automation software to create synchronized standby databases that protect data from failures, disasters, errors, and corruptions, while addressing both the high availability and disaster recovery requirements of today's demanding business environment.

How to Improve Delivery of Advanced Web Applications

The increasing demands for high availability, reliability and security of application access are driving the need for load balancers that not only provide traditional networking traffic management functions, but also a comprehensive set of network-level and application-level services. Learn more about these services and how they improve Web application delivery.

Accelerating Microsoft Applications with Citrix NetScaler

Today's enterprises rely on the efficient delivery of Microsoft business applications. Integrated application delivery systems offer a way to address symptoms related to slow application delivery and poor performance. For example, Citrix NetScaler is designed to optimize Microsoft application communications and resources, secure datacenter assets and ensure continued application availability.

Eight Criteria for Server Load Balancing

Today's load balancing solutions should address application performance and security. Read about the top eight criteria you should consider when choosing a server load balancer and how Citrix NetScaler meets those requirements.

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