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File Transfer: It’s Not What it Used to Be

This report examines how Best in Class organizations benefit from managed file transfer solutions, and recommends steps to success for all organizations.

Solving IT Challenges with Managed File Transfer

This paper presents a case for a managed file transfer solution that is easy to use, integrates with email clients and applications found on the end user’s desktop, and which provides IT and the organization with the security and accountability needed in today’s business climate.

Identity and Access Management: Enabling Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has had a profound effect on businesses. This paper offers an overview of the act and its implications, reviews the role of identity and access management (IAM) in meeting the requirements, and highlights IAM products and services available from Sun.

Top Three Reasons to Deploy a Virtual Directory

A virtual directory presents a single, consolidated view of disparate identity data to organizations dealing with diverse legacy resources as a result of ongoing growth, mergers and acquisitions, or collaboration with other organizations.

Your Browser Wears No Clothes – Why Fully Patched Browsers Remain Vulnerable

This ISSA Journal article discusses the different types of attacks even when the browser is fully patched and hardened and offers guidance on ways in which organizations can revisit Web security.

Outdated Browsers and Zscaler: An Overview

In this white paper, learn which browsers are most vulnerable and how to gain control over those most at risk.

How Zscaler Tackles Emerging Web Threats with High Speed, Real-Time Content Inspection in the Cloud

With the ability to conduct bi-directional, real-time inspection, emerging threats can be addressed without the need to deploy and manage software internally.

How Hackers are Targeting Enterprise Users via Web 2.0 Browser Exploits

Lean how to protect your clients with more than desktop anti-virus/anti-spyware and HIPS.

Blocking Malicious Content with Zscaler

Traditional URL filtering is inaccurate due to stale categorization. Learn how a defense in-depth approach inspects the entire content of every request and response in order to indentify malicious content and then makes an intelligent decision on whether to allow or block the page.

Strategies for Endpoint Security

Who would have thought that after 20-plus years of solid research and industry remedies that malware would still be a common malady on today’s PCs? This is not to say that the problem of computer viruses and trojans hasn’t changed…it has significantly. But today’s Internet-connected, application-integrated, global world makes it far easier for malware to sneak onto our computers to do bad things. Download this original InfoWorld report, "Strategies for Endpoint Security".

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