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Application Whitelisting Puts Behavioral HIPS in the Recycle Bin

Traditional anti-virus and host intrusion prevention approaches have proven to be ineffective against advanced threats and failed to keep up with the explosion in malware. Bit9 invites you to learn why analysts recommend Application Whitelisting as the key foundational layer for endpoint security.

Profiting from PCI Compliance

Working together, the major payment card providers have developed a set of data security standards and created a council for enforcing them. Although the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has become a global requirement, many organizations are lagging in compliance. For many companies, regulatory compliance can already be an overwhelming and confusing area to navigate, and the need to comply with the PCI DSS might feel like yet another burden.

Why Small Companies Should Think Outside the Box for Protecting Endpoints

Read this paper to learn why Aberdeen recommends small enterprises be open to endpoint security solutions from vendors other than McAfee and Symantec, especially products with minimal footprint and impact on performance.

Increasing Performance in Enterprise Anti-Malware Software

This series examines the factors that contribute to slow anti-malware performance, the factors to consider when selecting an anti-malware solution, and finally, the best practices for deploying anti-malware products.

Secure And Compliant Collaboration And Cccess

This white paper discusses how the need for faster access to resources can enable more effective collaboration but can also create significant security and compliance challenges. The paper then describes how IBM offers an adaptable, business-driven, holistic approach to security that addresses the different risk domains across organizations.

Tape Fallacies Exposed

Tape storage continues to play a vital role for data protection. David Hill of the Mesabi Group sheds light on the most common misperceptions.

Disk and Tape Square Off Again

Discover the total cost of storing data long term in SATA disk and in an LTO-4 tape system.

Securing Sensitive Information

Learn more about data security, encryption and an LTO tape drive encryption user story.

The Evolving Role of Disk and Tape in the Data Center

Learn about best practices in backup and archive for today's energy and cost conscious data center including performance, data protection and TCO.

The Impact of Messaging and Web Threats

Email is the most critical communication tool in the workplace. For this reason, email, along with other communication tools such as instant messaging, wikis, blogs, and VoIP are becoming vulnerable to attacks that threaten the very ability of individuals and companies to communicate or protect their sensitive data. In this Osterman Research Paper, discover why it is necessary for organizations to deploy a layered defensive strategy at all of the physical venues at which threats may enter a network or through which users may intentionally or inadvertently send sensitive content.

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