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Evaluating Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solutions

The right Security-as-a-Service solution can perform reliably and effectively and deliver the flexibility and control associated with on-premise solutions - at a significantly lower cost - without compromising privacy and security.

Why Centralized Cloud Identity Management is Crucial for the Enterprise

Now that employees are leaving the relative safety of the firewall to use online SaaS applications, enterprises need to adjust the way they manage employee identities. This White Paper from Ping Identity addresses why we need to centralize employees' IDs across applications.

Security Assertion Markup Language 101

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is the predominant industry standard that enables Internet Single Sign-On (SSO). This White Paper discusses what SAML is and how it works.

Secure Internet Single Sign-On 101

The rise of online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications has increased the importance of eliminating multiple logins and passwords within the Enterprise via Single Sign-On (SSO). This White Paper from Ping Identity explains what SSO is and how it works.

The Next Generation is the Smart Generation

Innovations such as mobility, Web 2.0, social media and cloud computing have dramatically changed the IT landscape and introduced new security threats into the corporate network. This eBook investigates why traditional firewalls are no longer enough, and how application intelligence and control enable network security in the wake of these changes.

Backup and Disaster Recovery eGuide

As the digital universe grows beyond imagination, enterprise IT executives face the daunting task of keeping their little pieces of it backed up and recoverable. They must keep on their toes - this exercise isn't to be done once and forgotten. As the company evolves, adding different types of data to its stockpiles and becoming increasingly virtual, so too must its backup and disaster recovery strategy. In these articles, Network World and its sister publications CIO, Computerworld, CSO and InfoWorld lay down the groundwork and explore the latest tips and technologies for no-fail corporate data backup and disaster recovery.

Continuous Data Protection in IBM AIX and i5/OS Environments

A rewind button for applications, files and transactions? That’s what continuous data protection (CDP) technology provides to managers of IBM AIX and i5/OS operating environments. CDP rapidly recovers accidentally deleted or otherwise corrupted data and provides many other valuable benefits.

US Government Prevents Malware with Application Whitelisting

This high profile US government agency handles extremely sensitive financial data, and as such, must maintain the highest standards for safety, integrity and security of its systems. Faced with a barrage of malware and under constant attack, this agency banks on Bit9’s award-winning application whitelisting solution to eliminate unauthorized software, keeping systems secure and significantly reducing support costs.

Application Whitelisting Puts Behavioral HIPS in the Recycle Bin

Traditional anti-virus and host intrusion prevention approaches have proven to be ineffective against advanced threats and failed to keep up with the explosion in malware. Bit9 invites you to learn why analysts recommend Application Whitelisting as the key foundational layer for endpoint security.

Protecting Against Targeted Cyber Attacks with Application Whitelisting

Download this Microsoft MVP authored whitepaper to learn how to enforce a white list of approved software to prevent targeted attacks and overcome the Advanced Persistent Threat.

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