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The Security Industry's Dirty Little Secret The debate over advanced evasion techniques (AETs)

This report summarizes the findings of a McAfee commissioned research group to determine the level of understanding IT security professionals have about AETs and the defenses they have put in place to stop them.

Demand More, Get the Most from the Move to a Next-Generation Firewall

Beyond the basics in a next generation firewall, to protect your investment you should demand other valuable features: intrusion prevention, contextual rules, advanced evasion analytics, secured access control, and high availability.

Augmented VPN

Constantly available networks typically rely on several Internet service providers to ensure always-on connectivity and increase bandwidth. Augmented VPN aggregates all Internet Service Provider links to obtain a single high capacity tunnel.

Protect Against Advanced Evasion Techniques

Understand the essential design principles to detect and stop advanced evasion techniques. Learn how to use multilayer traffic normalization and data stream-based inspection to prevent AET attacks.

Advanced Evasion Techniques for Dummies

Advanced evasions will break the security protection model that most organizations are using today. Given this changing threat landscape we need to rethink traditional security models. Here's advice on how to evade AETs.

Top 10 Reasons to Strengthen Information Security with Desktop Virtualization

Explore ten reasons why virtual desktops should be the foundation of your layered approach to information security.

Transforming Security: Designing a State-of-the-Art Extended Team

The information security mission is no longer about implementing and operating controls.

The Big Data Security Analytics Era Is Here

New security risks and old security challenges often overwhelm legacy security controls and analytical tools.

Building an Intelligence-Driven Security Operations Center

The openness of today's networks and the growing sophistication of advanced threats make it almost impossible to prevent cyber attacks and intrusions.

Taking Charge of Security in a Hyperconnected World

In today's highly interconnected business environment, information security can no longer be an isolated endeavor: it's the responsibility of an entire business ecosystem or value-chain.

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