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Securing the enterprise workspace: protect your organization while supporting mobility and BYOD

Read this white paper to learn ways to bolster security across enterprise networks while giving employees simple, authorized remote access to corporate applications and data on a range of mobile devices and operating systems.

7 Must Haves for Mobile App Security

Mobile devices and apps present opportunities to significantly advance productivity. But to capitalize on this potential, IT must retain control over the corporate data flowing through these devices.

Mitsubishi Motors Empowers Employees with Secure Mobility

Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) was seeking an enterprise-class security solution to support the company's bring your own device (BYOD) initiative and also protect its expanding portfolio of corporate mobile devices.

Top 10 reasons to strengthen information security with desktop virtualization

While technologies such as firewalls remain an important base, they're increasingly bypassed. What's needed is a new security layer. Desktop virtualization provides that additional security layer, allowing freedom to embrace business initiatives.

Secure application delivery for a mobile workforce

Empowering people to use windows applications and native mobile apps on any type of device with full security.

Delivering enterprise information securely on mobile devices

While technologies such as firewalls, antivirus, and access control remain an important base, they're increasingly bypassed, as today's skilled attackers directly target applications, data and devices. What's needed is a new security layer.

Security Brief: Transforming Traditional Security

Security operations centers need advanced analytical tools that can quickly collect and shift through security data. This brief looks at the latest options and processes to speed up detection of advanced threats.

Getting Real About Management and "Big Data"

It's an exciting yet daunting time to be a security professional. Security threats are becoming more aggressive and voracious. Governments and industry bodies are getting more prescriptive around compliance.

The Big Data Security Analytics Era Is Here

Security management must be based upon continuous monitoring and data analysis for situational awareness and data-driven security decisions. Organizations have entered the era of big data security analytics.

Transforming Information Security: Future-Proofing Processes

This report provides a valuable set of recommendations from 19 of the world'd leading security officers to help organizations build security strategies for today's escalating threat landscape.

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