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How Browser Exploits Lead to Web 2.0 Hacking Defending Against the New Threats with Cloud Delivered Security

Are you ready to trust the cloud for Web 2.0 security? IDC’s Brian Burke discusses whether cloud delivered security is right for your organization.


Newer Threats and Newer Defenses against Web 2.0 How Hackers Exploit Browsers & Active Content

Join Peter Firsbrook, Research Director at Gartner to learn how to protect dynamic and user-generated content, how to deal with road warriors and smart phone users whose access to the Internet often bypasses all security controls and many more Web 2.0 challenges.


Risks and Defenses Against Web 2.0 Threats Cut your URL Filtering cost in Half and Double your Web Security

Join Forrester’s Chenxi Wang, for this educational webcast on cloud security.


The Attacker Within: How Hackers are Targeting Enterprises from the Inside-Out – Comprehensive Approach to Web Security

Join IDC’s Brian Burke to learn how to address these issues and discuss the pros and cons of cloud security services.


Web 2.0 Browser Exploits: What Hackers Know that You Don’t How In-the-Cloud Security Delivers Better Protection

Join Forrester Web security expert, John Kindervag, for this Webcast on Web 2.0 security risk and defenses.


Managing Mobility: Improve Data Security, Compliance and Manageability – IDC Video Podcast

In this video podcast, IDC's Chief Research Officer, John Gantz, discusses pain points and considerations for managing your mobile workers.


Systems Management Success - 2 Month ROI

Learn about an appliance-based approach for systems management that reduced help desk activities by 50%, delivered $110k ROI and payback in just two months.


Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Webinar

This webinar replay discusses Sun OpenSSO Enterprise innovation—the single, open-source solution that helps your business solve the challenges around internal access management, extranet authentication, federation, and secure Web services to take capabilities to the next level.

Building Bullet-Proof Security

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