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Botnet uses brute force to access PoS systems

A new malware threat scans the Internet for PoS systems and tries to access them using common usernames and passwords

Don't freak out over Google Drive security (yet)

Following a solid response to a Google Drive security issue, Google must now apply the lessons learned across the board

CISA bill -- and Internet privacy rights -- moves to Senate for a vote

After clearing Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, cyber security bill now faces potentially contentious Senate vote

U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee approves cybersecurity bill

The bill has been criticized by civil liberties and privacy groups because of its potential privacy implications

Facebook announces arrests have been made for the 'Lecpetex' botnet

Two suspects are in custody in Greece over the botnet that affected as many as 250,000 computers

Better patch Flash: 'Rosetta Flash' attack can steal site cookies

A new proof-of-concept attack exploits a bug in Adobe Flash that allows stealing of user credentials across websites

Vulnerability in AVG security toolbar puts IE users at risk

Bad design decisions could have enabled malware infections, researchers from CERT/CC say

Mocana aims to simplify mobile access to enterprise apps with Atlas

The platform lets users access all apps wrapped with Mocana's MAP technology using single sign-on

Hadoop's success drives efforts to make it more secure

Security is seen as key to Hadoop's enterprise acceptance

Sex, spies, and the cloud: NSA revelations continue to weaken confidence

Washington Post investigation asserts that the NSA collects data mostly from ordinary citizens, not potential terrorists

Security White Paper

Information Security and Multi-Compliance

It’s common for information security managers to be held responsible for situations where they have little control or... more

Security Blog entry

Let your worst fears be your guide

Your computer security defense should be built with the assumption that all attackers are trusted, highly privileged insiders... more

Security White Paper

ITCi White Paper: Challenges and...

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) provides an enterprise structure for improving operational, security,... more

5 reasons why software bugs still plague us
5 reasons why software bugs still plague us

Blog by Roger A. Grimes

With the time and expense spent locking down code, most popular programs should be bulletproof -- yet hackers find a way
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