The Internet should not be anonymous

February 01, 2011
The notion of national Internet ID riles up privacy advocates, but an Internet with total anonymity is total anarchy
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Stuxnet marks the start of the next security arms race

January 25, 2011
More damaging to Iran's nuclear facilities than bombs, Stuxnet worm demonstrates cyber warfare is next big threat
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Passwords alone can't protect your network

January 18, 2011
It takes more than a strong password policy to withstand the threats posed by cheap cloud computing services and hackers' cracking software
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Security admins: Prepare for tomorrow's tech trend today

January 11, 2011
Like it or not, new technologies will infiltrate your organization, bringing with them new network security threats
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Five security trends for 2011 and beyond

January 04, 2011
System admins: Prepare for Web app domination, insecure mobile devices, universal single sign-on, and other headaches
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Your tech career depends on preparing for the cloud

December 21, 2010
Security skeptics still dismiss cloud computing as unreliable and insecure -- but ready or not, it's catching on
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Kill autorun programs to boost PC performance

December 14, 2010
Software vendors sneakily set their wares to launch at startup, causing performance and security issues
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Stopping the next WikiLeaks

December 07, 2010
Preventing the transmission of sensitive data is extremely tough, but technologies such as encryption and DRM can help
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InfoWorld security quiz: Test your network security smarts

November 30, 2010
If you can correctly answer most of these questions, you have what it takes to keep your organization safe
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China Telecom debacle exposes Internet's biggest vulnerability

November 23, 2010
Shortcomings in Border Gateway Protocol enabled sensitive data to be rerouted to China, yet no changes will likely be made
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