Yes, even a mouse can infect your network

July 05, 2011
'Trojan mouse' was just a hint -- almost any hardware device that can be plugged into a computer can compromise its security
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In the IT security world, policies and controls are king

June 28, 2011
The SANS Institute's 20 Critical Security Controls document can help admins improve their organization's security defenses
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The Internet needs its own Weather Channel

June 21, 2011
An Internet early-warning system would help organizations stay a step ahead of cyber criminals
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Penetration testing on the cheap and not so cheap

June 14, 2011
Admins charged with assessing network security can choose from solid open source offerings and enterprise-grade tools
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To beat hackers, you have to think like them

June 07, 2011
Whether in an office, a superstore, or an airport, the best IT security pros are always looking for vulnerabilities
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Windows is tougher to hack than you think

May 31, 2011
A fully patched Windows environment is harder to hack than it used to be -- and end-users remain the weakest security link
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Make your mark by stopping hackers

May 24, 2011
Anyone can hack a system, but it takes a great mind to build secure systems that can keep bad guys at bay
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We're doomed to insecurity in the cloud and on thin clients

May 17, 2011
Every new technology brings the same old security vulnerabilities, along with new ones
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Everything is hackable -- and cyber criminals can't be tracked

May 10, 2011
Until we fix the Internet, committing cyber crimes will remain ridiculously easy and low risk
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Privacy matters again, so you'd better prepare

May 03, 2011
Data breaches and mobile tracking have raised alarms; companies need to have a handle on user privacy or risk unwanted attention
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