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Michaels security breach affected nearly 3 million payment cards

Retailer says another 400,000 cards at subsidiary Aaron Brothers may also have been affected in a card skimming attack

The rise and fall of Heartbleed hysteria

The OpenSSL flaw is serious, but the four horsemen of the apocalypse aren't coming for the Internet -- or your smartphone

Windows XP's retirement turns into major security project for Chinese firm

Since February, Qihoo 360 has been rolling out security software to 200 million Windows XP users

Lavaboom builds encrypted webmail service to combat snooping

The Lavaboom service has started accepting registrations for its upcoming beta testing period

Teen arrested in Heartbleed attack against Canadian tax site

The Canada Revenue Agency, which reported data on 900 taxpayers was stolen, is one of the first victims to report a Heartbleed attack

Oracle identifies products affected by Heartbleed, but work remains on fixes

Oracle also shipped 104 patches as part of a regular quarterly update

Microsoft slashed Windows XP custom support prices just days before axing public patches

Microsoft has reduced after-retirement support costs for large enterprises as much as 95 percent

Think tank challenges Heartbleed handwringing

The director of a technology think tank claims the threat from Heartbleed is overblown and would not easily translate into 'industrial-scale crime'

German researchers hack Galaxy S5 fingerprint login

The integration with Paypal makes the weakness of Samsung's authentication implementation extra serious

Rushed Heartbleed fixes may expose users to new attacks

Be careful patching the bug and restarting, or attackers could slip in, Kaspersky says

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The right way to secure the Internet of things
The right way to secure the Internet of things

Blog by Roger A. Grimes

Security products and practices will be reinvented to protect the Internet of things, but the real solution centers on a simple idea
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