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Google's Docker tool taps Apache Mesos for cluster management

Mesosphere is integrating with Google's Kubernates to bring cluster management technology to Google Cloud Platform

Does government finally grok open source?

New GitHub data suggests that governments are finally all in on open source, but the truth may be a little less sexy

Hadoop gets real

Here's how four IT leaders managed to bring Hadoop systems from the sandbox into production

Python puts its print on multitouch apps with Kivy

The Kivy library is based on cross-platform OpenGL, so native apps can run on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and OS X

MongoDB adds support option for community edition of its NoSQL database

The service provides as low as a two-hour response time, but leaves out the bells and whistles from MongoDB Enterprise

How to crack an open source community

Want to contribute to an open source project? Here are the main reasons you'll struggle -- and some tips to help you persevere

Docker gets a GitHub-like repository from CoreOS

The recently purchased provides the software and services for CoreOS to run a Docker hub

How to overcome hidden barriers to open source adoption

Your organization may be unintentionally biased against free software

Oracle hasn't killed Java -- but there's still time

Java core has stagnated, Java EE is dead, and Spring is over, but the JVM marches on. C'mon Oracle, where are the big ideas?

Pivotal packages a lighter Java Web application stack

The Pivotal App Suite collects Spring, Tomcat, Redis, RabbitMQ, and other components in one integrated package

Open Source Software Features

Desktop Linux: Ready for the mainstream

Organizations can adopt Linux for many users, and save the high upgrade costs of Vista or Windows 7 more

Open Source Software Quiz

Linux admin IQ test

How much do you really know about the free OS? more

SAP embraces opens source -- sort of
SAP embraces opens source -- sort of

Blog by Simon Phipps

Years of slow change are finally leading to new openness at SAP, at least in connection with SAP HANA
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