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Oracle, Mirantis team up to grab Red Hat's OpenStack crown

Mirantis will sell OpenStack with Oracle's Linux and VM offerings, as a strike back at Red Hat's OpenStack

GitHub takes center stage at OSCON

The open source convention will also feature sessions on Docker, OpenStack, and programming languages both new and old

JVM plus Docker: Better together

Docker can fill in gaps in the JVM, providing resource control, configuration benefits, and improved packaging and deployment

Docker welcomes Google 'validation,' but sees more work ahead

Docker recruits more big names following Google's seal of approval, but keeps an eye on next steps

Future Java 7 security patches will work on Windows XP despite end of official support

Windows XP users will continues to receive Java 7 security updates until at least April 2015, Oracle says

Too many cooks may worsen the OpenSSL mess

Multiple and potentially competing efforts to fix OpenSSL expose the sheer difficulty of the task

WordPress 4.0: The app becomes a platform

New features in the popular blog and site-publishing system are individually small, but together hint at big growth

Google's Dart language is approved -- but adoption is no guarantee

Ecma International gives a thumbs-up to Dart programming language, but won't likely inspire much uptake with developers

RHEL OpenStack 5: Red Hat hogs the OpenStack spotlight

Red Hat's new OpenStack distribution shows how much it wants to be the leader of the pack for the cloud platform

Inbox to app developers: Disrupt our email -- please!

Startup plans to make it easier to develop apps that work with existing email services, then reinvent email from the inside out

Open Source Software Features

Desktop Linux: Ready for the mainstream

Organizations can adopt Linux for many users, and save the high upgrade costs of Vista or Windows 7 more

Open Source Software Quiz

Linux admin IQ test

How much do you really know about the free OS? more

Are open source foundations nonprofits? The IRS says no
Are open source foundations nonprofits? The IRS says no

Blog by Simon Phipps

OpenStack and Yorba are denied nonprofit status. Does this challenge the role of foundations -- or signal open source's maturity?
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