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Red Hat aims at standardization with Linux for 64-bit ARM servers

Red Hat wants Linux for ARM servers to avoid the fragmentation that plagued Unix in decades past

LibreOffice 4.3 boosts document compatibility

Free and open source productivity suite improves interoperation with Microsoft Office, adds filters for legacy Mac formats

Review: OpenShift shines for developers and ops

From the pain-free install and easy app deployment to gear idling and automatic scaling, OpenShift fulfills the promise of platform as a service

SAP embraces opens source -- sort of

Years of slow change are finally leading to new openness at SAP, at least in connection with SAP HANA

The Tizen smartphone flopped -- and open source is to blame

A parade of failed open source smartphone OSes should cause the open source community to rethink its mobile strategy

Is the Samsung Z smartphone just delayed -- or doomed?

Samsung says it's waiting to enhance the Tizen ecosystem

11 questions for MongoDB's CTO

The most popular NoSQL database, MongoDB, still draws skepticism from enterprise IT. CTO Eliot Horowitz answers those objections in an exclusive interview

Nginx's Web server update beefs up security and load balancing

Latest commercial version of fast-rising Nginx Web server adds professional features only available to paying customers

XML co-founder Tim Bray: Beware of spies in your software

Governments are a key offender, he stresses, advising use of HTTPS and OpenPGP to block software-based security threats

This is the golden age of open source

We're in the golden age of open source, not a 'post-open source' society. More than ever, we must take its definition seriously

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Desktop Linux: Ready for the mainstream

Organizations can adopt Linux for many users, and save the high upgrade costs of Vista or Windows 7 more

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Linux admin IQ test

How much do you really know about the free OS? more

SAP embraces opens source -- sort of
SAP embraces opens source -- sort of

Blog by Simon Phipps

Years of slow change are finally leading to new openness at SAP, at least in connection with SAP HANA
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