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Linux Foundation enlists Microsoft, Google to prevent the next Heartbleed

Backed by tech giants, Core Infrastructure Initiative will provide support for crucial Internet projects like OpenSSL

Go 1.3's first beta promises a sleeker, faster language

New edition will run better, compile faster and more cleanly, and target Google's experimental NaCl cross-platform technology

You want to replace Windows XP with Linux? Seriously?

The end of Microsoft support for XP has some considering Linux or other OS moves. Think hard before you go down that path

New compiler cranks up JavaScript from native code

Emscripten C/C++-to-JavaScript project uses a back end derived from LLVM for greater speed and a more dedicated compiler

HTML5 components released as open source

Telerik has released a free package that includes all the features in the commercial Kendo UI Mobile package

Ubuntu 'Trusty Tahr' is a solid step forward, not a leap

Latest version of Canonical's desktop Linux addresses a major UI gripe and builds the base for overdue tablet edition of Ubuntu

OpenStack's latest release keeps the DIY private cloud features coming

'Icehouse,' the newest edition of the open source IaaS, adds more features, but uptake with enterprises and competition with public cloud vendors remain thorny

Red Hat sets Docker as nucleus of 'Project Atomic'

Slimmer future versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux -- aka Project Atomic -- will rely heavily on Docker app virtualization

Red Hat adds muscle to Docker container technology

Red Hat plans to incorporate advanced Linux tools such as systemd and SELinux into Docker

Sloppy but secure: Open source TrueCrypt passes audit

An independent audit of the open source disk encryption utility finds no backdoors, but dredges up other troubling issues

Open Source Software Features

Desktop Linux: Ready for the mainstream

Organizations can adopt Linux for many users, and save the high upgrade costs of Vista or Windows 7 more

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Linux admin IQ test

How much do you really know about the free OS? more

Stop laying the blame for Heartbleed on open source
Stop laying the blame for Heartbleed on open source

Blog by Simon Phipps

Security experts acknowledge that open source is the best model for crypto, so how do we drive improvements to the model for creating security-critical infrastructure?
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