Why I left my MacBook for a Chromebook

October 26, 2012
The Chromebook has inserted itself into my life in a way I never expected. Sorry, MacBook Pro -- I just don't need you right now
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Numbers don't lie: Patent trolls are a plague

October 19, 2012
Recent research supports view that patent troll activity is rising -- costing America a fortune in wasted legal fees and lost jobs
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It's official: Open source is an engine for growth

October 12, 2012
At the Open World Forum, there's no doubt about the power open source and open data are unleashing in Europe
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Open source equals software freedom, not free software

October 05, 2012
How can big companies like Tibco misunderstand open source so badly nearly 15 years after the term was coined?
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Government support of open source falls short

September 28, 2012
American and European governments are hailing open source innovation, but failing to act aggressively on patent reform
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How to pay for open source

September 21, 2012
How can you financially support open source, especially in a new market? The Shared Learning Collaborative believes the best way is with seed money
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The software patent solution has been right here all along

September 14, 2012
New paper from legal researcher suggests a fix for the software patent mess has been lurking in the statute all this time
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The open source model for managing virtual offices

September 07, 2012
So you want a distributed or even work-from-home workforce? Learn the lessons of open source
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App.net's crowdfunders: Taken for a ride?

August 31, 2012
At least 10,000 people believe in App.net's vision of a messaging platform for Web apps -- but it's unclear whether those people will be peers or sharecroppers
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Apple v. Samsung and the broken patent system

August 28, 2012
Intellectual property law has become a game for anticompetitive control of markets -- not a protection for innovation
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