New Red Hat cloud offering poses high barrier to adoption

April 28, 2010
Red Hat's new cloud support for RHEL unlikely to help stem Ubuntu cloud usage
IaaS, Linux
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The viability of open source forking

April 16, 2010
OpenSolaris reminds us why open community matters far more than open code
, Unix, Oracle
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'Open source' doesn't mean what it used to

April 09, 2010
Does your interpretation of an "open source product" match your vendor's? If you don't know, you may not be getting what you expect
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iPad to drive demand for natural user interfaces

April 02, 2010
iPad, tablets, and touchscreen smartphones require enterprises to rethink user experiences
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What's next for Novell now that it owns Unix?

April 01, 2010
Owning Unix and an uncertain future for Novell could mean uncertainty for Linux customers
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License change leaves Sun Solaris users at a crossroads

March 26, 2010
Oracle's decision to limit Solaris 10's free usage to 90 days could be a boon for Linux vendors
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Questioning open-core licensing for open source software

March 25, 2010
While not perfect, open-core licensing is a sustainable model for open source vendors, their customers, and yes, their VCs
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Sun Drizzle team members move to Rackspace

March 12, 2010
Getting the MySQL fork developers on board suggests an open source-based approach for the cloud provider
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Is Ubuntu ready to run your business servers?

March 05, 2010
Despite its desktop-oriented reputation, Ubuntu is making serious inroads as a business server that can compete with Red Hat
Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu
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Palm's WebOS could help BlackBerry compete against Apple, Android

March 03, 2010
A Palm acquisition could revamp RIM's OS and help it resonate more with younger consumers deciding between an iPhone or a BlackBerry Curve
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