Mobile applications lay bare the IT/telephony divide

June 18, 2010
Open source software will help IT lead the charge toward communications-enabled applications
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Red Hat's revenue glass ceiling is its own making

June 17, 2010
Red Hat suggests reaching $5 billion in revenue requires displacing $50 billion in existing user spending -- I disagree
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Surprising findings in developers' open source usage

June 11, 2010
Windows usage is declining, MySQL usage is gaining, and Enterprise JavaBeans and Spring usage are tied
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Google responds to WebM license backlash

June 07, 2010
Google solicits help from free and open source experts to revise WebM license
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When you should open-source your internal apps

June 04, 2010
It may feel like heresy, but there's sometimes a strong case to be made to share your internal innovation with competitors
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Google's WebM license could undermine the meaning of 'open source'

May 28, 2010
Google's adoption of non-OSI-approved license could create a raft of problems for open source users
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VMware's role in Spring Framework could drive enterprises away

May 21, 2010
The partnership is meant to help you reconsider Google App Engine for Java, but it may have the opposite effect
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Activiti BPM project questions value of LGPL GNU license

May 19, 2010
Alfresco, SpringSource, Signavio, and Camunda collaboration born out of ISV weariness of GNU Lesser General Public License
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Why open source won't prevent cloud lock-in

May 14, 2010
Open APIs, not open source, will protect future freedom of action -- so beware so-called open source cloud offerings
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Open source solves the mobile app dev dilemma

May 07, 2010
Early-adopter developers feel forced to choose mobile platform 'winners' -- but you don't have to
Mobile Apps
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