Commercialization of volunteer-driven open source projects

August 20, 2010
Open source projects driven by volunteer developers are essential, but, eventually, commercialization must take hold for the good of the project
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Enterprise Java: Oracle's real reason for suing Google?

August 20, 2010
Mobile and cloud are areas where Oracle wants to protect and grow Java licensing -- yet both are slipping into others' hands
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Oracle scorns open source: How to respond?

August 17, 2010
The message is clear: Fork all the main open source projects that Oracle owns or transfer energies to a replacement
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How companies can keep their programmers happy

August 16, 2010
Hackers like playing with code. The most satisfying way to appease them is through open source tools
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IT executives and developers on open source collision course

August 13, 2010
The software selection process is increasingly pitting developers against IT executives, but the conflict is avoidable
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Linux Foundation makes enterprise open source boring

August 12, 2010
Three new license compliance tools reveal a deep truth about Linux Foundation's latest move: They're taking the fun out of free software -- a good thing
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What SAP can teach you on how to adopt open source

August 06, 2010
The two big lessons: Use approval processes and consider encouraging developer contributions to open source projects
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Will Illumos bring OpenSolaris back to life?

August 05, 2010
A new, independent development project for the Solaris kernel may herald a new life for the troubled OpenSolaris community
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5 lessons for win-win open source projects

July 30, 2010
Enterprises are contributing less and less to the open source community; Lockheed Martin shows how to change that trend
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OpenStack will not kill open core

July 23, 2010
Open core will remain a popular business model for cloud software vendors, even those who adopt OpenStack
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