Why Red Hat should fear Amazon Linux

September 17, 2010
Amazon's Linux AMI raises further questions about Red Hat Enterprise Linux's cloudy future
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How Chrome and Firefox aim to unseat IE

September 10, 2010
Google and Mozilla take separate paths in search of greater business adoption of their open source browsers
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Should open source communities avoid contributor agreements?

September 08, 2010
Attempting to retain control of an open source project leads to mistrust, contention, and a rules-based focus that diminishes your reputation
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What Paul Allen and Larry Ellison have in common

September 07, 2010
Similar motivations can be seen behind Allen's patent lawsuits and Oracle's attack on Google
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JavaScript enters the server room with Node.js

September 03, 2010
Here's what to expect from the hot new server-side framework that promises to deliver highly scalable apps on the cheap
PaaS, JavaScript
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Gnu/Linux: Finally, it's really free software

September 02, 2010
A Red Hat hacker's tenacity frees Gnu/Linux once and for all
Linux, GPL
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The vendor-neutral cloud: How Red Hat could make it happen

August 27, 2010
The Deltacloud cloud-neutral API will benefit the broader market more than Red Hat itself by ending provider lock-in
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Commercialization of volunteer-driven open source projects

August 20, 2010
Open source projects driven by volunteer developers are essential, but, eventually, commercialization must take hold for the good of the project
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Enterprise Java: Oracle's real reason for suing Google?

August 20, 2010
Mobile and cloud are areas where Oracle wants to protect and grow Java licensing -- yet both are slipping into others' hands
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Oracle scorns open source: How to respond?

August 17, 2010
The message is clear: Fork all the main open source projects that Oracle owns or transfer energies to a replacement
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