Red Hat tries the value argument for open source

November 12, 2010
A shift from marketing lowest cost to highest value is a welcome change that could also affect how IT selects open source
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Should you adopt Google's open source project to speed Web applications?

November 05, 2010
The involvement of a third-party vendor makes this Apache optimization more likely to gain enterprise adoption
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Moving beyond the 'Java is dead' hype

October 29, 2010
Oracle's recent clarifications, Java vendor support, job trends, and even Microsoft's efforts suggest a bright future for Java
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New York City got a better deal from Microsoft -- you can too

October 22, 2010
Use Google Apps and open source productivity suites in your negotiations today, and don't stop there
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Microsoft's fake validation of

October 15, 2010
A deeper look at Microsoft's latest PR stunt reveals its fear of not capturing emerging economies such as Eastern Europe
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Open source's role in reducing IT debt

October 08, 2010
Open source software, when it meets technical and business requirements, can help minimize global IT debt
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Outgrowing QuickBooks? Maybe open source ERP can help

October 01, 2010
Open source ERP packages are gaining traction as midsize companies increase adoption of open source software
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Open APIs bring business opportunities

September 24, 2010
Open, high-performance APIs bring third-party developer interest -- and new revenue opportunities to your bottom line
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Why Red Hat should fear Amazon Linux

September 17, 2010
Amazon's Linux AMI raises further questions about Red Hat Enterprise Linux's cloudy future
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How Chrome and Firefox aim to unseat IE

September 10, 2010
Google and Mozilla take separate paths in search of greater business adoption of their open source browsers
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