Does Heroku really give a developer market?

December 10, 2010
If Ruby takes off -- signs say it hasn't yet -- entrenched enterprise vendors won't sit idly by to let in
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Oracle's open source missteps continue with Hudson project

December 03, 2010
Insisting that open source Hudson project not use GitHub, against developer wishes, won't help Oracle's credibility
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Microsoft loses with prominent role in Novell deal

November 29, 2010
Microsoft's central role in Novell's acquisition is likely to hurt the trust it had begun to build with open source
Linux, M&A, Microsoft
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Open source could alleviate Cisco's growth woes

November 19, 2010
Adding an open source-based routing item to Cisco's router family would provide competitive differentiation
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Red Hat tries the value argument for open source

November 12, 2010
A shift from marketing lowest cost to highest value is a welcome change that could also affect how IT selects open source
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Should you adopt Google's open source project to speed Web applications?

November 05, 2010
The involvement of a third-party vendor makes this Apache optimization more likely to gain enterprise adoption
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Moving beyond the 'Java is dead' hype

October 29, 2010
Oracle's recent clarifications, Java vendor support, job trends, and even Microsoft's efforts suggest a bright future for Java
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New York City got a better deal from Microsoft -- you can too

October 22, 2010
Use Google Apps and open source productivity suites in your negotiations today, and don't stop there
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Microsoft's fake validation of

October 15, 2010
A deeper look at Microsoft's latest PR stunt reveals its fear of not capturing emerging economies such as Eastern Europe
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Open source's role in reducing IT debt

October 08, 2010
Open source software, when it meets technical and business requirements, can help minimize global IT debt
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