Open source's emerging opportunity in BI

February 11, 2011
Accenture's survey of top IT trends shows that open source can be an enabler for all, but especially for analytics
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Only one-third of agencies pass the Federal Open Technology Report Card

February 04, 2011
Learn from the Defense Dept. on how your developers can contribute to open source projects and protect your organization
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Rethinking Ruby's role in the cloud

January 28, 2011
The data and vendor actions surrounding Ruby and Ruby on Rails don't yet support the Ruby-for-cloud-applications hype
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Amazon mooches from Tomcat as it bets on Java in the cloud

January 21, 2011's lack of contributions to Apache Tomcat and its pricing of AWS Elastic Beanstalk could raise concerns for Tomcat users
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The Hudson fight: Oracle's trademark may not guarantee its control

January 13, 2011
When vendors contribute less than the open source community, trademarks become weak control mechanisms -- especially when a project founder remains active
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Android tablets ignore the enterprise to their peril

January 07, 2011
As Apple declares its enterprise intentions, Android tablets appear to be ignoring enterprise IT needs
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Forking will become normal in 2011, so get ready for GitHub

December 23, 2010
The growing use of distributed version-control systems can't be ignored in your enterprise; plan ahead to keep your developers happy in 2011
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2010 was the year of Ubuntu, but can it last?

December 17, 2010
Canonical's early bet on cloud and user experience let Ubuntu become the de facto cloud Linux distribution in 2010
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Does Heroku really give a developer market?

December 10, 2010
If Ruby takes off -- signs say it hasn't yet -- entrenched enterprise vendors won't sit idly by to let in
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Oracle's open source missteps continue with Hudson project

December 03, 2010
Insisting that open source Hudson project not use GitHub, against developer wishes, won't help Oracle's credibility
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