Before you get locked into Lync, consider open source options

July 22, 2011
Lync further entrenches Microsoft in critical pieces of your IT and communications environment -- so make sure you want that lock-in
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vSphere 5's licensing opens the door for open source

July 15, 2011
VMware's vSphere 5 pricing could accelerate the shift toward a mixture of commercial and open source products in the virtualization arena
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Why you need to get out of your technology comfort zone

July 08, 2011
Vendors and IT departments alike let inertia guide their actions to noncompetitive results -- and often reinforce each other's inertia in the process
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No need to worry as open source contributions decline

July 01, 2011
As open source projects mature, money replaces time as what the community contributes -- and that's just fine
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NoSQL should be in your business, and MongoDB could lead the way

June 24, 2011
Although NoSQL may not be well understood by IT, one vendor appears to be cracking into the enterprise
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Google's aging tech raises questions about relying on Google App Engine

June 17, 2011
Ex-Google engineer argues that Google's software infrastructure hasn't kept up with open source alternatives -- and won't
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The hard truth of metered license pricing in the cloud

May 27, 2011
Oracle on Amazon RDS sheds light on the kinds of premiums IT should expect to pay for per-use licensing flexibility in the cloud
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Why Chromebooks do have a role in your enterprise

May 13, 2011
Don't ignore Chromebooks because they're not the right solution for each and every user in your company
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Eclipse Foundation has much to lose in the Hudson saga

May 06, 2011
Oracle's transfer of Hudson to the Eclipse Foundation could lead to Eclipse holding the bag on a struggling project
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Android's fragmentation and Microsoft's and RIM's battle for relevance

April 29, 2011
Mobile developer study reveals challenges for Google, Microsoft, and RIM in their efforts to topple Apple's mobile supremacy
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