Unchain your mobile users and just protect the data

June 04, 2013
IT and the security industry are both focused on dubious protection plans. This proposed standard shows a better way
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Move over, smartphone -- the car is getting smarter

May 28, 2013
Siri Eyes Free, App Radio 3, and Automatic Link are all finally making the car as smart as your iPhone
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The new Wi-Fi: What you need to know about 802.11ac

May 21, 2013
Access points have already appeared, and devices will soon. Here's how to strategize the next leap in Wi-Fi
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How Google should fix Android's shortcomings

May 14, 2013
We'll soon know the cool new mobile capabilities in store -- but don't let that cause long-standing irritations to go unresolved
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Don't miss the real point about Google Glass

May 07, 2013
Between the hipsters and the fearful, the meaningful implications of Google's supermobile tech are getting lost
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Pentagon approves Samsung Knox, BlackBerry 10; iOS approval imminent

May 03, 2013
Approvals end BlackBerry's historic lock on military mobile devices
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Buckle up -- here comes the hard part of mobile

April 30, 2013
As IT goes beyond knee-jerk reactions to BYOD and mobile management, tricky questions remain
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Copying the iPad Mini won't help Microsoft

April 23, 2013
iOS and Android work well enough on a smaller screen, but Windows 8 will not
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iPhone 5S: Time for an attitude adjustment

April 16, 2013
You can't change the world every year, and smartphone buyers need to come to that realization
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Why iPad apps can't replace your desktop software -- yet

April 09, 2013
It's as facile to say iPads can replace PCs as it is to say they can't -- the story of mobile apps isn't black-and-white
Mobile Apps, iPad
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